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Puerto Vallarta Action Photos - What to Do Outside in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Activity Photos


Pretty Puerto Vallarta's jungle-beach setting provides activity options and action photo ops galore -- what-to-do outdoors lists in Puerto Vallarta include parasailing, mountain biking, whale watching, snorkeling at Los Arcos, canopy tours or zipline tours, party cruises and socializing in the plaza or on the Puerto Vallarta malecon. Check out this gallery of Puerto Vallarta action photos and see a photgraphic sample of what to do outdoors in Puerto Vallarta.
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Parasailing in Mexcio PhotoParasailing in Mexico over Puerto Vallarta's Banderas BayJet Skis in Puerto Vallarta - Jet Skis and Jet Skiing Photo in Puerto VallartaJet Skis and Jet Skiing in Puerto VallartaWhale Watching - Whale Jumping PhotoWhale Watching - Whale JumpingPuerto Vallarta Malecon on a Sunday AfternoonPuerto Vallarta Malecon on a Sunday Afternoon
Bungee JumpOver the Ocean iin Puerto VallartaBungee Jump in Puerto VallartaMountain Biking in Puerto VallartaMountain Biking in Puerto VallartaBand in the Plaza, Puerto VallartaBand in the PlazaSnorkel Los ArcosSnorkel Los Arcos
El Eden Canopy Tour Zipline RideEl Eden Canopy Tour at Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta
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