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Holiday Travel Tools - Ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas Travel Deals


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Find the Fairest Fare: Start Comparing
Orbitz Air Travel Calendar Thanksgiving 2012

Orbitz Air Travel Calendar Thanksgiving 2012

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How to get the best holiday -- like Thanksgiving and Christmas -- airfare? Do some comparisons between a "normal" airfare and a student airfare over the 2012 holidays.

  1. Start with Orbitz's air travel tool -- go to Orbitz and enter your cities and dates, click and see which days are the best holiday travel days (as in cheapest). We used Atlanta and Boston, and the resulting calendar shows us that for Thanksgiving, for example, November 26 is a peak travel day, meaning most expensive; November 14, 15 and 16 are spendy days to leave -- November 17 is your best bet in this scenario. November 25 may be the best day to return. Always try to choose one of those off-peak or less than off-peak days to begin and end your travel... but first, compare!

  2. Compare the costs above to that of a student airfare provider (check this week's current student airfare deals, too). We found a student airfare from STA for $141.70. And we found one for $166.70 from STA on Wednesday! Compare that to Orbitz -- yeah, student airfares rule. (More about that on the next page).

About's Guide to Budget Travel, Mark Kahler, points out that you may find a great deal at a smallish airport. He uses a Cincinnati-Birmingham example -- by driving 100 miles to Lousiville, KY, instead of using the Cincinnati airport, he saves $218 (from $306 to $88 round trip). Wow - drive a little and save a lot.

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