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Holiday Travel Tools - Ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas Travel Deals


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Finding Student Airfares for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Student Travelers Inside Airplane

Student airfares are just about always winners...

On the previous page, we looked at finding airfares for the Thanksgiving holidays in the "normal" way, using Bing's travel planner and comparing the resulting fares against student airfares -- the clear winners were student airfares!

Student airfares are a snap to find if you know where to look -- check out a list of the top providers. And don't forget to check current student airfare special offers (as in this week's deals).

And if you're feeling adventurous, go standby with Airtran's $60, $90 or $120 each way Airtran U standby tickets (formerly called X Fares) available to 18-22 year-olds only). Do know, though, that Airtran does black out these student standby airfares on November 21, 24 and 26 and ends for the year December 13, 2012 (they'll resume in April, 2013).

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