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Holiday Travel Tools - Ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas Travel Deals


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Take the Bus for a Really Cheap Ride
Megabus Bus

Megabus offers el cheapo (like $1) bus rides

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If the week wanders by and Thanksgiving or Christmas day's arrival is suddenly imminent and you're not home yet, or need to travel to a friend's place for a ride to Mom's, you've got an option other than last minute air. Go over the river and through the woods on the bus -- yeah, the bus! Do it cheaply with a Greyhound bus student travel discount, using the Student Advantage card -- you don't need the actual card if you buy *and* travel on Thanksgiving or Christmas day -- just order and get the card number. And the card will be handy for other discounts when you do have it in hand. Learn more:

And there's more: cheap buses actually abound, especially on the coasts and in the Midwest around Chicago. Megabus offers rides through 13 Midwestern-Northeast states and Ontario, Canada, around a Chicago hub for as little as $1; BoltBus is greyhound's version of a bargain (and it is), and Chinatown buses have been around for a while now, supplying seats without stations for very little. Learn more:

A final travel tip: don't let the crazy holiday travel scene get you down -- know how to be be ready for air travel, relax, and you'll be home, tucking into Mom's turkey or unwrapping presents, before you know it. 1 2 4 5

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