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Spring Break Ideas

Where to read lots on spring break ideas....


NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 22: DirectTV volunteers build homes for Southern Nevada families with Habitat for Humanity on April 22, 2013 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for DirecTV)
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If you're looking for spring break ideas, it might be because you mainly wanna know where to go -- and we've got a list of the hot spots, all right. Lots o' other spring break ideas to consider, too -- would you like to volunteer? Looking for gays gone wild? Want to head for snow instead of sand? Read on for all those spring break ideas and more.

Top Ten Hot Spot Spots

The top of the top ten hot spot spring break ideas doesn't change hugely from year to year - Cancun's sunny sand is still queen, with Acapulco's beauty beaches always somewhere near behind. However, popular spots where you'll see lots college students this March-April include Europe, Puerto Rico and New York City, among others. Check out the top ten list with runners up (and then keep scrolling this page for more spring break ideas):

Alternative Spring Break Ideas

Alternative spring break ideas (volunteer opportunities) have multiplied manyfold recently, as our generation is way into doing good instead of just doing the town (though there's always time for that, too) when vacation comes. Check these out -- included are all the details on Habitat for Humanity's nail pounding opportunities on the storm slashed Gulf Coast, plus chances to lend a meaningful hand in downtown Detroit, conserve Central American beaches, and mucho more:

Passport-less Spring Break Ideas

Passport rules requiring passports for air travel back from Mexico and the Caribbean (excepting US territories) may seem limiting -- and it takes up to two months to get a passport, though you can rush a passport quicker. However, if you don't have one, know that lots o' other students don't, either -- meaning there'll be action aplenty happening in places not requiring passports (some very cool options, too). Learn all about the pretty places you can be without a passport in 2011:

Ski Resorts That Want *You*

Spring break ideas for snowy fun should probably not include resorts that don't allow snowboarders -- those places may be meant for old folks with black Amex cards anyway. The great snow (yeah, that's all mostly in the Rockies), the great concerts and parties, and the events geared to you are at the resorts we've rounded up here (and we've been there, done that at pretty much all of 'em):


There's more to the Mexico outlook than partly party, party, party with scattered windsurfing -- spring break in Mexico plans can include mountain biking in Puerto Vallarta or quiet nights and drop dead gorgeous days in sleepy Tulum (south of Cancun). But yeah, there's plenty of the party thing, too! A big plus: you can drive to Mexico without a passport, making it an exotic and easy getaway if you don't have a passport. Check it all out:

Gay Spring Break Ideas

Spring break ideas for gay travelers include many of the same sunny scenes that could be described as the hottest year 'round, temperature and nightlife-wise -- Puerto Vallarta, Key West, and the Miami area are all spotlighted by gay travel gurus as the 2008 March-April places where GLBT travelers will find fun that works on every level.

Enjoy the planning!

So this was all about destinations -- need more info? You got it: learn all about finding deals, more on where to go, safety, and all the rest of the where-what-how:

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