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Panama City and Panama City Beach Spring Break

...and more on Florida spring break


Daytona Beach Spring Break - Bikinis but too many cars

Florida spring break in Daytona Beach means cars, cars and cars

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Panama City and Panama City Beach Spring Break

Panama City is a very welcoming place to be for Florida spring break, more so than (for instance) Daytona Beach, which continues its spin down, down, and out in 2012. And Panama City's got a wide open, golden white beach that's easy to get to from anywhere (take Amtrak almost all the way there and get a 15% student discount).

Temperatures in this small city on Florida's Gulf Coast range in the 70's during the day and it's cool enough at night that you should pack a sweater. Read more about Panama City and Panama City Beach:

And what you need if you're going to go to Panama City beach for spring break 2012:

Florida Spring Break

Florida for spring break will forever be one of the top hot spots in the US and the world, but do know that not everyone in the Sunshine State wants you there in March and April if you're under 25. Read more:

The Rest of the Hot Spots for 2012

So besides a Florida spring break, where's the other action for 2012? Get the skinny with this list of 2012 destinations -- Cancun tops the top hot spots again, and new passport rules keep Puerto Rico (no passport needed and a reasonable drinking age) in the running; Lake Havasu and Vegas -- still nowhere; Europe: way in. The hot spots for 2012:

And some other options:

And the mothership:

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