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Student Airfare Finders and Student Travel Agencies

Students Fly for Less


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Choose Your Student Airfare "Travel Agency"

Finding cheap student airfare is complex - student airfare discounts seem varied but most websites purporting to offer student discount airfare really proffer the same thing - a fare search engine. Enter your departure and destination cities (all sites walk you through the process) and the search engine will return a number of itinerary and price options. You can then choose one and book online.

Below is a list of websites that largely do truly cater to student travelers looking for the best student airfare deals. (You may have to provide proof that you're a student to get the best student airfares.)

Front Row

STA Travel
STA Travel is the world's largest student travel agency with "Fares That Rock," and they do have a great student airfare search engine; the site also provides plenty of student travel tidbits and core information -- check out STA's weekly student airfare deals, too.

Student Universe
Student Universe is a good pick as a great student airfare finder. Student Universe's motto is: "Students Fly Cheaper". And they live up to that claim. Student Universe is no fly-by-night affair; the company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has thousands of testimonials to its superlative service. You must sign up to use their service, but sign up is free - typical of their great commitment to customer service. The website includes this caveat: "Only college students and faculty can buy Student Airfares. You have to be a student or faculty member to qualify for Student Airfares. A Student Airfare is an airline ticket that can only be purchased by students or faculty verified by StudentUniverse." This means that Student Universe will check to see that you are indeed a student and therefore eligible for student airfares; your enrollment status is verified through your school via email. Big plus with Student Universe: advertised discount student airfare prices usually include all fees and taxes. Check out Student Universe's daily Go Deal, too.

Travelosophy's web site reads, "Student travel is easy with our special fares to students, youths and teachers traveling abroad for stays of up to 1 year. These fares offer our student travelers great flexibility, such as one-way fares, date changes, open return dates and an entire network of destinations." Travelosophy does live up to that billing.

Travel Cuts
A Canadian-based student travel agency, Travel Cuts has some unique features besides the usual flight finder, like links to adventure tours and (my favorite) a festival and event search engine. Put events like Kenya's annual Rhino Charge into your itinerary before you leave.

Second Row

International Student
International Student's website reads: "Our Travel Center has been established to provide students with low cost, discounted prices!". Very true. The site also offers info on travel insurance and other important concerns, but mainly targets the U.K. and Australia.

Premier Travel
Premier Travel bills itself as a full service travel agency specializing in student and international travel. According to their website: "We are affiliated with USTN (University and Student Travel Nationwide) a consortium of travel agencies specializing in Student Travel." No fare search engine but a homey feel (the company is based in Oregon) and some goodies like a currency exchange calculator.


  • Priceline
    Priceline is not geared toward student travel but does have some pretty hot deals; choose to bid" and you might get reallllly lucky.

Bottom Line

Bookmark this page and use it to compare student airfares. Many student airfare finder links have other valuable student travel info, as well.

Have a great flight!

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