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London easyHotel

easyHotel, B and B, Hostel Comparison


easyHotel Standard Room

easyHotel Standard Room - European Capsule Hotel

easyHotel, latest thing to hit the Europe hotel scene, is a no frills accomodation option for student travelers. Cheap budget rooms with bathroom in London's West End.

About easyHotel

easyJet and easyCruise owner Stelios Haji-Ioannou opened Europe's first budget capsule hotel, easyHotel, in London's hip West End August 2nd, 2005, with plans for more tiny European hotel rooms in the franchising future. easyHotel's cheapest rooms are mini (smallest easyHotel room is about 50 square feet with a 14 square foot bathroom) and offer no frills and a few windows. Similar concept as, but bigger than, a Japanese capsule hotel. Sterile, safe and either claustrophobic or cozy, easyHotel is a few steps up from a student hostel - is it worth it?

Motel Six Meets the West End?

Haji-Ioannou told the UK's "Guardian" that easyHotel guests would flock to the cheap rooms (rates start at $35) because of the hotel's consistency. "The benefit of this concept is you know what you are going to get. In B&Bs, you can open the door and get all sorts of surprises," Haji-Ioannou said.

Part of a student travel adventure, though, is the - well - adventure. Surprises can be pleasant. Student travelers who can afford a bed and breakfast (priced similarly to easyHotel) over a hostel (starting at about $15 for dorms or $25 for rooms) might also prefer a little local flavor rather than the seemingly homogenized, albeit possibly reassuring, sameness of easyHotel.

Perhaps you may want to think about booking an easyHotel pod for your first night in London and using it as a known-quantity base from which to scope out other digs if you can live with a little reservations uncertainty. London's West End is a well known backpacker's hang... you may want to check out its possibilities before committing to a long stay at its Euro version of what appears to be a modular motel.

The easyHotel Details

  • Book online well in advance. As easyHotel's 34 room inventory dwindles on a given date, prices rise accordingly.

    • Upgrades:
      • Televisions exist in each room - pay $7.50 for 24 hours of activation with a remote control
      • Get a room with a window for about 60% more
      • housekeeping service available at $17 per day

    Let's compare some of London's West End accommodations: easyHotel, the Meridiana Hotel and the Piccadilly backpacker hostel.

    Where to Stay in London's West End?

    Amenities and Price Comparison
    easyHotel Meridiana Hotel B&B Piccadilly Hostel Dorm
    Private Bath Private Bath Shared Bath
    Double Bed Double Bed Single Bunk Beds
    In Room Tv - $7.50 per day In Room TV Lounge With TV
    No Breakfast Breakfast Included Breakfast Included
    Cleaning: $18 per day, Clean Sheets on Arrival Daily Cleaning Clean Sheets on Arrival - Towels Available
    No Restaurant No Restaurant Restaurant: Lunch and Dinner
    Private Private Total Human Immersion
    $35 $40 $17
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