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Amtrak Student Discount - Train Travel Deal With ISIC Card

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Amtrak Student Discount - Train Travel Deal With ISIC Card

Amtrak Sleeper Car

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Student travel via rail: get a train travel deal on almost any Amtrak train with your ISIC card. Check the Amtrak schedule and grab an Amtrak train travel deal - 15% off your student Amtrak ticket. See America with a train travel vacation and an ISIC card, or use the card for a deal on an Amtrak ticket home for break.

Get an ISIC Card

Full-time students 12 and older will find the ISIC (International Student Identity Card) the ticket to discounts on travel rates, accommodations, shopping, entertainment and, now, Amtrak train travel. The card costs $22-$25 and is good through December 31st of each year.

Amtrak ISIC Rules and Train Schedules

From the Amtrak / ISIC discount rules: "The ISIC discount may not be applied:
  • To weekday Metroliner or Acela Express Service
  • To connecting services provided by most other (non-Amtrak) carriers, including the Canadian portions of joint Amtrak/VIA Rail Canada service
  • To upgrade accommodation charges (although the cardholder may upgrade his or her accommodations at the standard rate)
  • In conjunction with any other multi-ride fares, or other discounts and promotions, except as may be specifically provided."

That said, check the Amtrak schedule before you make Amtrak reservations with your ISIC card - look into Amtrak's weekly deals as you may be able to do better than the ISIC card 15% student discount.

Buy a Discounted Amtrak Student Ticket

Be prepared to enter your ISIC number to get the discounted Amtrak fare when you make your reservation. And prepare to tour by train - it's a blast.

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