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Student Travel Agencies - Book Tours, Get Deals and Travel Insurance

Student travel agencies help in travel planning - student travel agencies can build packages, book tours and offer special deals as well as providing trip essentials like travel insurance. Find a student travel agent!

Overview of Student Travel Agencies
Find an overview of student travel agencies here, as well as some airfare finders.

Student Universe - Motto: Students Fly Cheaper
Great airfare search engine and bonus hostels information. 1-800-272-9676.

Premier Travel Agency
Premier Travel is a small company - the site has no fare search engine, for instance - but that means you get very personalized one-on-one service.

STA - Student Travel Agency
STA bills itself as the world's largest student travel organization. Offers personal trip websites and newsletters. 1-800-781-4040.

Choose a Safe Student Travel Tour Group
Learn to distinguish between student tour groups and travel agencies.

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