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Subscribing to a Blog - How to Subscribe to a Blog (Read Blog Feeds)

Subscribing to a Blog - How to Subscribe to a Blog (Read Blog Feeds)

What is a Blog? (What is a Weblog?)
What is a blog? Okay, what is a weblog? Somehow, the word "blog" has crept into our everyday web use vocabulary and now, it's almost embarrassing to have to ask: what is a blog? About's Guide to Web Logs answers that basic (and more common than you think) question.

Reading Blogs - How do I Read a Blog Feed?
To keep with the travel world, you may want to start reading blogs; the best way to do that is by subscribing to blog feeds. To read a blog feed, you can use an aggregator. So what's an aggregator? Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins, About Guide to Web Logs, provides a concise definition of an aggregator.

How to Subscribe to RSS Blog Feeds
You know what a blog is and you know what a blog feed is and how to read a blog with an aggregator. Final question: how to subscribe to blog feeds? Find blogs you like and read them as email by subscribing to RSS feeds with these tips from Heinz Tschabitscher, About Guide to Email.

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