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Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set


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Start With the Gear: Get a Good Travel Bag
LL Bean Flying TIger Leather Travel Shoulder Bag Briefcase Photo

Start With a Great Travel Bag

What to give the woman traveler in your life? Why not make your own women's travel gift set and cover *all* the travel bases?

Start with a great women's travel bag and fill it with women's travel gifts -- travel goodies inside a travel bag make opening every pocket fun. Each of these bags is meant for a slightly different traveler, and we've tested 'em all:

  • LL Bean Waxed Cotton Continental Rucksack -- Cute thing that's also practical and pretty tough. Plenty o' pockets and young at heart.

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  • Red Oxx Gator Shoulder Bag -- We voted this bag best of 2005 because it just isn't inhabiting the same planet as other travel bags...it's that superiorly rugged. Great carry on/toss off the bus's roof bag.

  • Great Laptop Backpacks -- An Australian company created these laptop backpacks that are protective, comfy, stylish enough, very sturdy, ergonomic, air conditioned, well padded, well made, water resistant, and they’ve got laptop compartments, sound ports and practical pockets aplenty without featuring excess crapola. A waist strap turns 'em into workhorses, but can be removed. Leave the laptop home, and it's an awesome all purpose backpack.

  • LL Bean Leather Travel Shoulder Briefcase -- This beauty travel shoulder bag boasts a silky lining and powerful snap-plus-zip outer pockets, a roomy outer zip sleeve, interior zip pocket and pen/credit card pockets. Distressed leather looks great; tough as nails. Classic campus teacher's companion and practical lifelong travel bag.

    Read the review (This bag seems to come and go on shelves... you may have to look for it on ebay.com.)

Let's fill the bag with some women's travel gifts... how about a women's travel book, a hot pink global cell phone, a women's travel journal and the coolest pen? Go on to the next step.

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