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Rail Passes - Discount European Youth Rail Passes from Rail Europe and Railpass

Eurail Passes - Multi-Country European Rail Passes


Rail Passes - Discount European Youth Rail Passes from Rail Europe and Railpass

Eurail Passengers

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Eurail Youth or Student Pass Types

Under 26? You're eligible for discount youth Eurail train passes on Rail Europe and Railpass - multi-country train passes like Eurail Global Pass, Eurail Select, Eurail Global Pass Youth Flexi plus the many single country Eurail passes available through Rail Europe and Railpass. Eurail is a consortium of train comapnies what is Eurail?) covering most of Europe -- a totally time-honored way to see the Continent.

Eurail Youth Pass Types

Two types of Eurail youth passes exist -- multi-country and single country. Multi-country passes allow you to take a Eurail train around four or more European countries and cost a bit more than buying a single European country train pass, but generally less than buying a separate Eurail ticket in six or more European countries. Single country pass is often a misnomer -- many Eurail single country passes buy you a ticket to two or three or even five countries through connecting borders.

Let's check out Eurail multi-country passes first.

Eurail Multi-Country Youth Passes

  • Eurail Global Pass Youth (formerly called Eurail Youth Pass)
    • Visit up to 20 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland).

      Choose from 15 or 21 days or one, two and three month trips. Travel days are consecutive - if you don't use a day on the train, you lose it.

  • Eurail Global Pass Youth Flexi (used to be called Eurailpass Youth Flexi)
    • See the same 20 countries but pay a little more for the flexibility of not having to travel on consecutive days. Choose from 10-15 days unlimited, flexible travel in a two month period.

  • Eurail Selectpass Youth
    • Unlimited travel to any three to five countries out of 23 countries over the course of two months. Travel days do not have to be consecutive (woohoo). Choose between five, six, eight, 10 or 15 day travel options.

      The catch? The countries you choose to visit must border each other. For instance, if you're leaving from Austria, your travel is limited to Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland or Romania.

      According to Rail Europe: "The chosen countries must be bordering, or have a direct shipping line which is part of the Eurail offer...(for instance) Norway and Finland are not (considered) bordering countries. They have a joint border, but to get by train from Norway to Finland (passengers) have to travel through Sweden."

      Go to Rail Europe's Eurail Selectpass Youth page to learn more or contact Eurail -- e-mail or call 1-877-257-2887 between 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. EST.

    Eurail Youth Ticket Specials

    Please go to page three for current Eurail specials and sales.

    Single European Train Tickets

    Learn more about point to point tickets (single trip train tickets which don't involve buying a pass).

    Eurail / Rail Europe Map

    Confused about which Eurail pass to choose? Check out a Rail Europe map.

    Rail Trip Tip

    If you want to sleep without fear of losing of your backpack on a train, invest in carabiners (secure locking devices) - find a good one here - and use it to hook your pack to an overhead rack.

    Please go to page two for Eurail single country pass info, or go to an information hub on how to use Eurail passes.

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