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International Electrical Adapter

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International Plug Adapter - Photo of International Electric Plug Adapter With Australian Plugs Out

All-in-One International Plug Adapter

Kathleen Crislip

The Bottom Line

The All-in-One Adapter with surge protector is the best international adapter I have ever seen, hands down. At $20, it is a screaming deal. Adapters do not convert electricity - you need a power converter or transformer for that; find which you need below under "Power Converters and Transformers". Foreign electricity is confusing if you're packin' powerful appliances, but this electrical adaptor takes the guesswork out of plugs on phone or laptop chargers internationally. Plug it into the wall and your cord into it, and you're set. Works in reverse, too (like plugging a UK unit into an American outlet).


  • Works almost everywhere
  • Small and lightweight
  • Excellent instructions


  • You mean it doesn't have the whole planet's plugs? (Jesting...)


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Inexpensive, considering features
  • Plugs in on most of the planet
  • Power indicator light -- this is handy, actually
  • Four different electrical adapters are built into the surge protector
  • Built with a universal input - accepts non-grounded or grounded plugs (those with that round prong)
  • 3.8 ounces; 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Guide Review - International Electrical Adapter

Why do you need an electrical adapter? An adapter allows a dual voltage appliance, converter, or transformer to be plugged into a wall outlet that is different from the pin configuration on the appliance, converter, or transformer. It gets more complicated. Different countries require different adapters. Rather than puzzle out which adapter you'll need, just buy this one -- it has four adapters folded neatly into one unit and it's worked for me while I flashpacked across the UK, Europe, Australia... I don't travel without it.

It could hardly be easier. Instructions show you which of the four plugs to pop out for different countries and, after you lose the instructions, you'll find parts of the world printed on the plug adaptor itself for:

1. Europe, Middle East, Asia and parts of the Caribbean, Africa and South America

2. Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, China and parts of Japan

3. Other parts of South America, the Caribbean and Japan

4. Great Britain, Ireland, other parts of Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore

Why do you need a surge protector?

You probably have your computer plugged into a surge protector at home to protect it from electrical surges. You need that even more if you are plugging in your laptop in developing countries where the electricity can be iffy. The All-in-One Adapter has a surge protector built in, as opposed to collections of separate plug adapters (which you can buy, too).

There may be a better electrical adapter out there, but I ain't seen it. Toss $20 at this one and forget about the whole electrical adaptor situation -- you're covered.

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 4 out of 5
Electric Adaptor, Member leighgifford

My mother's prize possession. We recently used this adaptor in Italy and it worked flawlessly. Its so small and compact that we neglected to pack it up when we departed. Needless to say Mom wasn't to impressed. I need to purchase another one could anyone help out. I can't seem to locate it in Canada

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