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Thailand Special Events and Festivals

Thailand has some special events and holidays that backpackers especially love, like Songkran and Koh Phnagan's Full Moon Festival. Check out the Thailand special events and festivals you won't want to miss!
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Songkran Festival - A Splashy Thai New Year
The Thai New Year, or Songkran, is met with much excitement (and not a little dread from visitors in the know). Songkran is known as "the Water Festival" – Thais believe that water will wash away bad luck, and spend the day liberally splashing water on each other. And you're in for some serious water madness if you go -- learn how to do that.

Ko Phangan Full Moon Fun
The lunacy-inducing phase of the lunar cycle is always a marvellous night for a moondance when on Ko Phangan (near Ko Samui) -- the full moon means beach parties are the order of the evening for every backpacker in the house on this lovely Thailand island. Expect thousands-plus folks at the next happening of this long established off-the-radar event.

Songkran, or the Thailand Water Festival, i a wild time these days, but don't forget it's a time of ritual and cultural significance in Thailand. Songkran is more than the world's largest water fight...

Makha Bucha, Major Buddhist Holy Day in Thailand
Makha Bucha day is an annual holy Buddhist day celebrated by many Thai Theravada Buddhists in Thailand and is one of three major Buddhist holidays celebrated in Thailand in celebration of special events occurring during the Buddha's lifetime. The year's first such holiday is Makha Bucha on a full-moon night of the third lunar month, usually in February. Learn more...

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