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Student Study Abroad: Exchange students, teaching abroad, semester at sea

Educational Student Travel - Tours, Semester at Sea, Study Abroad
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Are You Planning to Travel After Graduation?
Readers Respond: Are You Planning to Travel After Graduation?

Semester at Sea - Educational Student Travel - Semester at Sea Overview
Semester at Sea is the name for a school semester spent onboard a ship. Classes, field study and onshore tours all combine for college credit. Regular classes are offered; students are sometimes enrolled in a new college for the semester's duration.

Following the Equator - EF Tours Blog
Truly helpful travel tips, educational travel news and stories from students on the road make up this fledgling and promising student travel blog hosted by Eric Beato of huge and well-run educational group travel outfit EF Tours (we've traveled with EF and loved 'em). Good stuff for traveling teachers, too.

Study Abroad Blogs
Study abroad blogs are a great way to see what other students who are getting ready are doing and thinking -- reading study abroad blogs from students on the ground is an opportunity to understand what study abroad is really like. And reading study abroad blogs from those who've been there is inspirational. Check out resources for study abroad...

Yo Suis Perdu
Between learning a few phrases, strange gestures that are often highly entertaining to all, and a phrasebook, I can usually make myself understood in other languages; for obscure stuff, I've resorted to a parody of international Pictionary (there is no phrase in Spanish meaning a portable air conditioner that can be understood when uttered by a sweating, wild-eyed babbler, incidentally)...

US Earth Day: What Can You Do at Home?
US Earth Day: What Can You Do at Home?

Choose a Destination
Start your study abroad search by choosing a destination, like Africa or Europe, and see what kind of study abroad opportunities are available to you, as well as how to get there, where to stay, how to get around, how to work there, and more.

CIEE Study Abroad in Budapest, Hungary
Study abroad ideas in Budapest, Hungary, from CIEE.

Dealing With Homesickness
Homesickness affects everyone who travels and can be debilitating when it hits. Find out coping mechanisms and ways to quickly recover from it.

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