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Explorica Educational Tours - Aiming for Quality Educational Travel


Day of the Dead - Mexico City Zocalo Explorica Student Travel Tour Fall 2005

Day of the Dead - Mexico City Zocalo

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Company Type:

An educational tour group company aiming to create a quality travel experience for high school and college students and teachers.


From Explorica - "The best educational tours at the lowest prices, guaranteed. Explorica makes educational travel easy and affordable so that teachers can open the world to their students."


Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific.


"I was truly satisfied with our tour of London, Paris, and Rome. Our Tour Director was phenomenonal and the organization of the tour was excellent. Parents really appreciated the daily updates and photos that were posted on the website. I enjoyed watching the transformation/growth in the students that so often occurs during world travel experiences."
L. Hamilton (Social Studies Teacher)
London, Paris & Italy Tour

Teachers Travel Free:

True! Read about it here.


Email: info@explorica.com

Telephone (participants and parents should direct all questions to the teacher): 1-888-310-7120

Fax: 1-888-310-7088

Address: Explorica, Inc.
145 Tremont Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02111


Summer Academy:

Fifteen summer educational tours, cultural immersion opportunities and language schools to Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, France, Africa, China and Western Europe

According to Explorica:

(Excerpt from interview with Alexa Poulin, Explorica Marketing Director)

Q: What do you feel sets Explorica apart from other educational tour groups?
A: What sets Explorica apart undoubtedly is our tremendous value. We offer a top notch program for less than the other leading educational tour companies. We also have unparalleled customer service from our staff. I am confident that is why our customers keep coming back to Explorica.

Q: Does Explorica offer things that other student travel companies don't?
A: Our use of technology to streamline the tour planning process is something that other companies don't offer at the same level as Explorica. In particular, we are the only company to offer a one-of-kind Tour Diary. During the tour, the Tour Director takes photos of the group, writes up the day's highlights, and posts it all on the group's personal website. Parents, family and friends back home can log on to see regular updates and photos while the tour is in progress. Not only is this a great way for those at home to share in the adventure, it gives peace of mind to parents that all is well with the group and their child. This is something completely unique to Explorica.

Q: Does Explorica offer specials periodically?
A: We run incentives for teachers (and sometimes students) basically on a monthly basis. The new incentives and specials can always be viewed on our homepage.

Your About Guide recommends Explorica very highly. Other differences between Explorica's services and industry standards include putting only three students in a room as opposed to four or more, online room selection pre-trip, full European breakfasts and high speed trains and ferries as opposed to cheaper (and slower) options, though Explorica's trip prices are guaranteed to be the lowest available. All in all, Explorica is the best educational tour group company out there!

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
--St. Augustine

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