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All About the London Tube and London Tube Maps and Tickets


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Reading Tube Signs
Picture - Piccadilly Platform, Bakerloo Line Sign, London Tube

Piccadilly Platform, Bakerloo Line Sign

© Kathleen Crislip
Reading signs that look like temperature graphs in a London tube station, especially on platform walls, will help reassure you that you're in the right place and at the right tube stop. The station at which you are is marked with the equivalent of "You are here;" note the names of the next stations and where your stop is accordingly.

You might need to change trains to get where you're going -- just check out the closest intersection on a tube map before you get on the train, get off at that station, and find the next train you need to take by going upstairs or up an escalator (stay to the right so busy commuters can pass) and following the signs to the right east, west, south or notrh bound train tunnel marked with the name of the last stop on the line on which you need to travel.

And if you feel unsure of yourself, check out the wall graphs showing train stops, which you'll see everywhere on the platform for the train which you're about to board.

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