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Lots of Travel Journals

Travel Journal Tools
Travel journals track your action for future reminiscing, of course, but can also connect you with home and curb the blues. Keeping a travel journal sounds like Flintsone-era stuff, but it's not -- and having a travel journal helps when homesickness on the road happens. First, though, you gotta get a journal and, perhaps, some cool journal tools. Check it out and get some journaling tips, too.

Book Lights for Travel Journals
Little bitty book lights are a great travel accessory -- they can be used to read maps in a darkened train, check guidebooks on a dimly lit bus or clipped to a travel journal for late night writing in a room with sleeping folks. Check out five cool lights, including my fave -- comes with a carabiner.

Nomad Adventure Travel Journal
A travel journal is an important part of your journey and this travel diary is a beauty. Track your itinerary, take notes, and make notes before you leave on hotel recommendations, ticket prices and all the dope.

Resolve to Keep a Travel Journal
Student Travel New Year's Resolution #3 - Keep a Travel Journal: Ya gotta get a travel journal, even if you think you don't like to write. Journaling tips and travel journal resources.

High Tech Pen, Low Tech Travel Journal
Who has time to journal when traveling? You, that's who -- if you have a Night Writer pen and a cool travel journal. Write at night -- a hostel bed is a good place to jot down the day's travel memories and with a pen that lights your travel journal and doesn't wake dorm mates. Check out several top journals, too.

Travel Journals Make Good Gifts for Grads
Give a travel journal as a graduation gift and glue a picture of the backpacker's family into the back cover, and travelers can take a piece of home on the road. Pick up a cool pen, add a booklight for night journaling and you've got a great graduation gift set. Learn where to buy travel journals and lights, read travel journal and book light reviews and compare prices on all.

Women's Travel Journal - Just for Gals
Your travelin' gal needs a travel journal to record those road moments -- why not get one just for women? The Everywoman Travel Journal is the goods. Lotsa practical travel info, like international dialing codes, calendars, maps, women-specific travel advice and, of course, room to jot down travel memories. Very cool.

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