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Bikini Models Costume Party

Bikini Models Costume Party, Puerto Vallarta Bikini Jam


A highlight of swimwear company Ujena's Bikini Jam week in Puerto Vallarta (aside from the sun, sand and scantily clad people) was a costume party at Bogart's in the NH Krystal Hotel. Imagine the most beautiful women that -- well, that you can imagine -- dressed in costumes beyond your wildest -- well, imagination. Mix in a gang of rowdy photographers stirred with champagne punch, and you'll see why this is an event you shouldn't miss on Labor Day in Mexico. Check out some pix from uber Ujena photographer, Stephen Menante.
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Hayseed &# Schoolgirl []Hayseed &# SchoolgirlCatwomanCatwoman []Ujena Bikini Jam Costume Party Nurse []Nurses []Ujena Bikini Jam Costume Party Warrior [] &#Whose Side is She On? []
Ujena Bikini Jam Costume Party Man at Work []Man At Work []Marie Antoinette Costume at Ujena Bikini Jam Costume Party []Marie Antoinette []Indiana Jones &# the Lost Corona []Indiana Jones &# the Lost CoronaHarem Girl &# Schoolgirl Costumes []Harem Girl &# Schoolgirl []
Cleopatra &# Little Bo PeepCleopatra &# Little Bo PeepElton John &# Sailor GirlElton John &# Sailor GirlHost With the Most []Host With the Most []Butterflies []Butterflies
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