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South Beach Spring Break and Miami Spring Break

South Beach and Miami heating up for 2012


Spring Break in South Beach Miami, Florida

Spring Break in South Beach, Miami, Florida

Getty Images / Alexander Tamargo
South Beach for spring break this year is turning into a happening thing -- continuing last year's trend, Miami is more of a hot spot for spring break 2012 than it's been for many many moons, too. Some of South Beach's spring break popularity this year is thanks to everyone's cents-savings efforts (staying in the US means you can drive, which can possibly be a bit cheaper than flying), but it's partly because this little part of southern Florida is just exceedingly cool.

South Beach's heating up hostel scene (check out Jazz's South Beach hostel) is a sign of the student-friendly times in this sweet city by the sea and the bay, as are some South Beach spring break packages.

What South Beach ain't: major "Girls Gone Wild" kinds of craziness. What you will find here: a very cool club scene is the order of the night in South Beach -- you'll want to dress for success.

If You Go to South Beach for Spring Break

Just east of Miami, South Beach is bordered by Biscayne Bay on one side and the Atlantic on the other (which is where you'll find the beaches you'll like). And just up the sand is Miami Beach, where things are distinctly more casual (and distinctly cheaper). Get some great ideas on where to stay and what to do in South Beach for spring break:

Want to know more about spring break in Florida? Do know that Fort Lauderdale does *not* want you, and Daytona Beach is sliding right off the spring break map. Panama City beach, on the other hand, wants you bad, and it's the mtvU spring break spot in the US this year. Key West will be an exotic place to try, too (and a good spot for for a great gay spring break. And while you're doing the planning, be sure to look into spring break deals... and enjoy the research!

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