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Amtrak Trains - Picture Riding the Rails in the USA


Amtrak's routes can be lacking, but the ride rules. Really. Amtrak trains are a fine way to see the USA -- see some Amtrak pictures from a coast to coast Amtrak train trip, and judge for yourself whether you can do the Amtrak train travel thing with pictures of Amtrak trains, stations, sleepers, and the folks who ride the US rails. Scroll below each of the Amtrak pictures for train travel info. (And learn how to get a student discount on Amtrak trains, too.)
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Amtrak Routes Map of Coast to Coast Amtrak RoutesAmtrak RoutesBuying Amtrak Tickets in Denver Union StationAmtrak TicketsPicture of Amtrak Superliner Sleeper RoometteAmtrak Superliner Sleeper and Coach Seat DescriptionsPicture of Amtrak Viewliner Sleeper Roomette's Bath FacilitiesAmtrak Viewliner Sleeper and Amtrak Sleeper Descriptions
Picture of amtrak family bedroom and and bunkAmtrak Family Bedroom SleeperAmtrak Checked Baggage and Security RulesAmtrak Baggage Check, Carry On and Security RulesFinding and Boarding Your Amtrak TrainFinding Your Amtrak Train at the StationAmtrak Conductor Checking Tickets Onboard amtrak trainAmtrak Conductor Checking Tickets
Amtrak Observation Car View in Glenwood Canyon, ColoradoAmtrak Observation Cars, Dining Cars and Amtrak ServicesAmtrak conductor looking at watch on Reno Platform imageAmtrak Onboard PersonnelTipping on trains Amtrak photoTipping on Amtrak TrainsView from an Amtrak train windowView From the Train Window

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