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The first step on an Amtrak trip is checking out the Amtrak routes -- does the train go where you want to get? See more on Amtrak routes below the picture.
Amtrak Routes Map of Coast to Coast Amtrak Routes

Amtrak Routes

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You're reading about making reservations and buying tickets on an Amtrak train. To jump elsewhere on the train, see the list of Amtrak pictures and pages below.

I rode the rails from coast to coast in 2006, taking the Amtrak route from New York's Union Station west to Granby, Colorado, in the spring and the route from Sacramento east to Granby just in time for fall's color. Heading over the Sierra Nevadas (inset in Amtrak routes map above) was a delight -- from California's fall color into the Nevada mountains and snow. There's nothing quite like train travel -- and it's less expensive than you might think.

Before you set out on an Amtrak trip, make sure Amtrak's trains go where you want to get by clicking around on an Amtrak routes map, an online interactive Amtrak routes atlas. The red line in the screenshot above one of the Amtrak routes from New York to Sacramento.

  • Click on Interactive Atlas on Amtrak.com to see a map of the US, and fill in your stations on the left of the page which loads or click straight into the US map to see Amtrak routes.
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