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Denver Platform View

Taking an Amtrak Break, Part 1


Amtrak trains stop at major stations long enough for you to hop off and stretch your legs -- these are also smoke breaks for those who must. Learn more below.
Dnever Platform View Amtrak station

Denver Platform View

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You can step off the train during an Amtrak trip for leg-stretching or smoking breaks -- sometimes these stops are announced over the train's PA system, and sometimes you must do the detective work by looking at a train schedule and noting the names of stops. You can get schedules on board from an attendant or, if you're in a sleeper,behind the fold-down table.

(There is no smoking on trains any more -- you'll have to get off at those stops that are actually "stops," which are noted as such on the train schedule.)

Over the next few pages, we'll look at some train station views and why it's worthwhile to get off the train at break stops (that's Denver above-- a grand old dame of a train station in revitalized Lodo, or lower downtown).

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