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Volunteering Opportunities for Students and the Young at Heart

Volunteer - do Good and Feel Good
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Volunteer Abroad for Spring Break 2012 With Projects Abroad
Volunteer Abroad for Spring Break 2012 With Projects Abroad - Volunteer Abroad for Spring Break 2011

Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Volunteers Go Big in 2011
Non-profit housebuilder Habitat For Humanity is reporting that more than 10,000 high school and college students are lining up to swing hammers over spring break in 2011 through Habitat’s Collegiate Challenge alternative spring break program. That's a massive increase in student support over the last five years; 1,531 students volunteered in...

VolunTourism - Top Sources for Volunteer Adventure Travel
Lois Friedland, About.com's Guide to Adventure Travel, has put together a great list of resources for travelers who'd like some adventure with that volunteerism. and the list works for those with a less adventurous bent, too.

How to Donate to Haiti - How to Find Charitable Organizations
In the wake of the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti, pleas are going out for relief: you can donate to Haiti relief efforts by finding charitable organizations which have been working in Haiti long ere the earthquake and already have mechanisms in place to provide relief to earthquake victims, like Partners in Health, as well as donating to charities like the American Red Cross which are rel…

Worldwide Volunteer Networking Service
Working Abroad is an international volunteer networking service and, for a fee, you can find dozens of volunteer work and vacation opportunities that suit your volunteering desires.

Volunteering in the Tsunami Wake
Want to volunteer in Southeast Asia to help tsunami victims? Best advice: do it from the U.S. Hear from experts on the scene in India, Thailand and other damaged areas here.

List of Volunteer Organizations for College Students
Looking for some volunteer opportunities? We are, too -- always -- and we're putting together a master list of volunteer opportunities especially suited to students. The list is evolving -- check it out now for partner volunteer organizations and specific charitable volunteer organizations offering actionable volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer to Build Homes Internationally
Volunteer work opportunity: two week trips to help build affordable homes internationally with Habitat for Humanity. Take a volunteer vacation, help with affordable home construction and meet the community.

How can I volunteer to help in Myanmar and China in 2008?
You may eventually be able to volunteer in Myanmar and China to aid victims after the 2008 destruction in Myanmar following Cyclone Nargis and the May earthquake centering in China's Sichuan province and you can definitely donate to charities working on the ground now. Learn about Habitat For Humanity efforts in the areas, too.

Volunteer in National Forests and Parks - Rebuild Trails
Want to volunteer to rebuild hiking trails and camping areas in U.S. National Forests, Parks and wilderness areas? The American Hiking Society has the volunteer vacation for you.

Recommend a Charity for Donations to Haiti
Reader Feedback -- Recommend a Charity for Donations to Haiti

Volunteering for Spring Break - Alternative Spring Break and Volunteer
Learn about current alternative spring break ideas, and if volunteering is what you seek, get lots o' info on volunteering specifically for spring break.

Volunteer During School Breaks With i-to-i
Students: volunteer with i-to-i vounteering vacations and make a difference - teach English, rebuild damaged ecosystems, help disadvantaged third world communities - and add a heck of an asterisk to your resume.

Students Volunteering Abroad and at Home
Want to volunteer abroad or closer to home? Deciding what you want to do with your student travel experience (volunteering, studying, working) will also help you decide where you're going and how - traveling solo, using an educational tour group, etc. Let's look at volunteering options here.

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