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How to Donate to Haiti - How to Find Charitable Organizations

Donate to Haiti Relief Charities and Organizations


Haitian Health Foundation

The Haitian Health Foundation's headquarters are in Jérémie, Haiti, and their overhead is around 8 cents per dollar donated. Donate through its website or call -- phone: 860-886-4357.


Donate directly at AmeriCares or call -- AmeriCares phone: 800-486-4357.

Beyond Borders

Donate to Haiti relief efforts through Beyond Borders or call Beyond Borders -- phone: 866-424-8403.

Save the Children

Save the Children's angle on aid is uniquely inspiring: the international organization provides food, water and shelter for vulnerable (like lost) children in disastrous circumstances (such as earthquakes, wars and conflicts) until the kids can be reunited with families or otherwise placed in a safe environment, and functions as a kind of clearinghouse for families searching for kids. Donate to Haitian children through Save the Children's website.

Your Suggestions: Got a Charity You'd Recommend?

Have you got favorite charities you want to vouch for? Small organizations on the ground in Haiti which can help right now? Tell everyone all about it! (And do beware scammers seeking your money, which regrettably pop up in the wake of natural disasters; the FBI has issued guidelines on recognizing and reporting Haiti relief fraud).

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