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Travel to Washington DC for Obama Presidential Inauguration

Want to get there? Get a discount!


One of the most major presidential inaugurations of all time is happening January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama, the nation's first African-American president-elect, officially takes office in Washington DC. Want to be there to see history made? Let's look into some cheap ways to travel to Washington DC for the presidential inauguration.

Student Airfares to Washington DC

First, check out a sale from STA, the humongous student travel agency -- $142 RT to DC (not bad!):

Alternatively, you can try student standby for $69 at the last minute, though flights to DC for the presidential inauguration are going to be pretty full by inauguration day:

Keep reading to learn more about air travel, too.... and let's look into other ways to get to Washington DC for the presidential inauguration.

Student Discounts on Trains and Buses to Washington DC

Don't want to fly or finding it too expensive? Check out student discounts on Amtrak or Greyhound as quick and easy ways to get to DC, or just take a look at cheap US buses in general (might be able to ride for a very few bucks):

Washington DC Inauguration Day Events; Getting Around Washington DC; Where to Stay

And what's going to be happening in Washington DC for the presidential inauguration?

And how to get around Washington DC:

Lastly, find a place to lay your head in the nation's capital:

First Time Traveler?

Will this travel to Washington DC for the presidential inauguration be your first time on a plane? There's plenty to know about flying in the US these days; learn all about it:

Air Travel for Beginners

Will this be your first time on a train? Check out a host o' train travel tips:

Amtrak Pictures and Information

Travel to this presidential inauguration in Washington DC is going to be a crazy but cheerful scene, as your fellow travelers are probably headed to the nation's capital because they're feeling optimistic and want to see the scene -- so enjoy!

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