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When is Spring Break in California?


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Question: When is Spring Break in California?
Answer: When is spring break in California? You want to know when spring break in California is because you (1) want be on a California beach when the action is hottest, or (2) want to avoid it like the plague, or (3) want to know when spring break in California is for California colleges. The answer differs depending on the question, of course. So, get the dates to answer, "When is spring break in California?" as well as finding out where the most popular spring break spots in California are.

March 5-23, 2012 (pretty evenly spread out, numbers-wise) are the big spring break dates in the United States, and that's when the largest number of universities and students will be on break. Spring break can be any time between the end of February and the middle of April -- depends on the school; there is no one week when the entire country's colleges simultaneously disgorge students onto beaches and ski slopes. See the exact spring break dates and the number of students who may out on break everywhere during any one week, and then keep scrolling for the next part of the question ("When is spring break in California for California universities?").

When is Spring Break in California for California Schools?

Caveat: check with your school: dates for spring break in California can always change according to school calendars. This is the latest information we have for 2012 dates for the big schools with spring break in California:

March 12-17:
  • University of Southern California (USC) - 33,500
March 19-23:
  • California State University at Chico - 14,000
  • San Jose State - 29,000
March 26-30, 2012:
  • University of California Berkeley (UC Berkely) - 35,000
  • University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB, UC Santa Barbara) - 21,500
  • California State University San Bernadino - 14,000
  • San Diego State University - 35,000 Long Beach State University (California State University at Long Beach) - 38,000

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