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Gay Spring Break - Where to Go for Gay Spring Break Travel

The Cool Hot Spots for 2012


Riding conch cruisers in Key West - photo courtesy of fla-keys.com

Riding conch cruisers in Key West

© fla-keys.com
Gay spring break hot spots are many of the same sunny scenes that could be described as the hottest year 'round, temperature and nightlife-wise -- Puerto Vallarta, Key West, and the Miami area are all spotlighted by gay travel gurus as the places where GLBT travelers will find gay spring break travel ideas that work on every level.

Gay Spring Break Destinations Guide 2012

Bow down to to this definitive gay spring break guide from one of our favorite writers covering GLBT travel, Andrew Collins: this comprehensive collection of the coolest hot spots worldwide covers destinations far, wide, here, and there for gay travelers seeking sun, fun, snow, solitude or social frolic, organized by geography and theme:

We also love traveling with GLBT journalist Dan Allen, and he put together some hot spot predictions for all-age gay spring break travel that still apply in 2012 ("Gays Gone Wild: A Spring Break Primer") -- check 'em all out, but know that you'll especially like Key West and Puerto Vallarta:
  • Gay Spring Break in Key West

    Key West's live and let live legacy, which includes a shady pirate past, lives on in the shape of a gay travel mecca for those with a tooth for adventure -- this town at the literal end of the road (Florida's A1A) welcomes travelers from every walk of life without question; some are coming to this distinctive, nutso and not-so-discreet little city for good reason and some are just rocking it for a season. If that season for you is spring break, Gay Spring Break, organized by the Key West Business Guild, may be to your tooth -- tons o' GLBT spring break-specific events happening from the last of February through the first week of April, running the gamut from poker tourneys at club Aqua to women's movie night at Pearl's.

    Gay spring break in Key West has yet to truly take off, according to Jonathan Vatner, who journaled his gay spring break research in Key West for PlanetOut.com in 2007 ("So what if there are three dozen or 3,000 students here? It's a blessing that an event like this exists," Vatner noted); lack of established throngs, though, means you get to help establish the traditions that'll make memories (not many reports from 2010 – got one? Add it!).

      If you go to Key West -- You might rather drive to Key West than fly; my road trips down the Keys are some of the best I have ever made. With daytime air and water temps around 80, you'll want to get outside when you get there, but Key West is not about over-exertion, though snorkelers can find undersea paradises in the clear water (head out to the Dry Tortugas for a day), and a little hunting will turn up uncrowded beaches if that's your bag.

      Key West's beaches are social fun, but sand is skimpy (the Florida Keys are coral islands) and not the reason to go: the places to be have roofs, though not always walls -- those with both are largely on Duval Street, where tourists and locals alike dance 'til almost dawn. Get to the clubs by conch cruiser -- fat tire bikes with baskets where you can keep a flashlight for showing you the after-dark way home to your guest house, which are among the most interesting Key West temporary addresses.

      The gay scene in Key West cooks year 'round (About's Guide to Gay Life, Ramon Johnson, reports that PlanetOut rated Key West the number two gay resort town in 2005), though October's Fantasy Fest is especially interesting time to visit -- and it can be a walk on the wild side. You can think some thoughts and see some things (with no idea what was up and the intention of passing through, I arrived in Key West on Fantasy Fest weekend, said, "What is this place?!" and stayed for six months).

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