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Does the Bangor Airport Have a Scanner?


TSA MIllimeter Wave Picture - TSA Backscatter Body Imaging Picture - image from the TSA Showing Body

TSA Millimeter Wave Picture (Xray Body Imaging Image)

Question: Does the Bangor Airport Have a Scanner?
Answer: Ayuh, yep, the Bangor International Airport has scanners. The scanners we're talking about here are called AIT (Advanced Imaging Technology) scanners and they are the millimeter wave and backscatter imaging machines implemented as a part of new airport security by the TSA and Department of Homeland Security after 9-11 (learn more). AIT scanners take an xray-like image (see it over at the right) of you beneath your clothing and send it to a TSA employee who "checks" you for contraband via the image. The scanning happens at airport security checkpoints (at most airports, air passengers have to go though airport security checkpoints before boarding an airplane).

You can opt out of having your body scanned by the AIT scanner and ask for a pat down instead. Which brings us to the reason we're telling you about the Bangor airport having scanners: if you think you may decline being scanned, then know that you should arrive at the Bangor airport early so you'll have adequate time to wait should you choose a patdown over the AIT scanner. The TSA says it isn't a long wait, but our experience shows otherwise. And though the Bangor airport does still have an old fashioned metal detector, the chances of Bangor's airport security having the metal detector line and the scanner lines open at the same time is not something to bank on.

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