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Does the Baton Rouge Ryan Airport Have a Scanner?


TSA MIllimeter Wave Picture - TSA Backscatter Body Imaging Picture - image from the TSA Showing Body

TSA Millimeter Wave Picture (Xray Body Imaging Image)

Question: Does the Baton Rouge Ryan Airport Have a Scanner?
Answer: Oui, yes, the Baton Rouge Ryan Airport has scanners. The scanners to which we refer are the millimeter wave and backscatter imaging machines which were put in place after 9-11 as a part of new airport security by the TSA and Department of Homeland Security (learn more); these scanners take an x-ray image (see it at the right) of your naked self at airport security checkpoints so the TSa can determine whether you've got anything dangerous on your person (at most airports, air passengers have to go though airport security checkpoints before boarding an airplane).

You can opt out of this process and ask for a pat down instead. We've done the patdown several times; it's not unpleasant, and we'd rather have to cope with the grope than the endure the ogle.

Why should you care? Well, we're telling you about the Baton Rouge airport having scanners because if you think you'll decide against the whole backscatter x ray machine thing, then know you'll be in for a patdown instead, and the wait for someone to show up and do that can be long. And the Baton Rouge airport is quite small: though the airport does still have an old fashioned metal detector, the chances of airport security having the metal detector line and the scanner lines open at the same time is sometimes not high. All of this said, the Baton Rouge airport is a pretty friendly place.

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