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Does the Lexington Airport Have a Scanner?


TSA MIllimeter Wave Picture - TSA Backscatter Body Imaging Picture - image from the TSA Showing Body

TSA Millimeter Wave Picture (Xray Body Imaging Image)

Question: Does the Lexington Airport Have a Scanner?
Answer: Yes, the Lexington airport has scanners, those millimeter wave and backscatter imaging devices called AIT (Advanced Imaging Technology) scanners implemented as a security screening measure by the TSA and Homeland Security starting in 2008 across the USA (learn more); these AIT scanners take an image similar to the one seen at the right of your body and sends it to a TSA worker who can then, by looking at the image, determine whether you've got weapons or bombs or other contraband concealed beneath your clothes. If you do, then it's off to jail with you. Okay, not really. What will actually happen: if they *think* you do, then you'll get a more intensive screening process, meaning you'll get seriously searched (physically), additional security people may be called in, and you may even have to strip at some point or be arrested. Certainly, you may miss your flight. That's true at any time in any airport security screening process, though: the TSA really is its own world and you really are at their mercy. Of course, if you're not trying to conceal any contraband, you needn't worry about this much.

This scanning process takes place at airport security screening checkpoints, and you must go though airport security screening before you get on an airplane.

You can opt out of walking through the advanced imaging technology, or AIT, scanner and choose a pat down instead. We've gotten the patdown thing bunches of times; it's not terrible, and we'd rather cope with the grope than get eyed by oglers. It's pretty easy: you simply walk through the line of people who are also going through the airport security checkpoint and, when you get to the front, you tell the TSA employee standing there that you "opt out" of the AIT scanner. They will then probably, in our experience, say something about how easy the process of being scanned is -- you can, if you still don't want to be scanned, simply decline and say that you still wish to opt out. That TSA employee will then send you around the side of the scanner and to a designated spot where you must wait for another TSA employee of your gender to arrive and pat you down.

Awkward? Yes. Horrible? No. Attitude is everything in this scenario. This is simply what you've got to do these days to get on a plane in the United States of America. Don't agree and/or don't like this process? Write your Senator.

So, we're telling you about the Lexington Bluegrass Airport having scanners because if you're among those who don't want images of your naked body being beamed from the backscatter x ray machine, you'll know you should arrive at the Bluegrass Airport early, so you'll be in plenty of time to wait should you choose a patdown over the AIT scanner: though the TSA says it isn't so, waiting for a patdown at airport security is always, for us, a long wait.

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