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Female Travelers: Tips, Advice and Safety

Women Travelers' Tips and Female Travel Safety Advice: Women travelers have special concerns while traveling. Learn the laws, customs and behavioral expectations of your destination area(s) and expect smooth, safe female travel.

Top Tips for Women Travelers' Safety
Women travelers do need to travel with special care; here are some tips on doing that. Don't stay home, but do know how to stay safe as women travelers. You don't need to *fear* rape, theft, mugging while traveling as a woman traveling alone - women travelers just need to know how to stay safe and respect the fact that we may need to take more...

Best Women's Travel Gear - Travel Clothes and Accessories
Women's travel gear needs to be strong, light and long-lasting -- but most women's clothing is not. Exceptions: best travel shirt, best zip off travel pants, best women's travel vest and a packable hat. Find clothes, comfy travel flip flops and women's travel accessories (safety gadgets, makeup/sunscreen, menstrual gear and shoulder bag) in this...

Women Travelers in Islamic Countries
While the vast majority of Muslim men are wonderful fathers, husbands and boyfriends, knowing a little about the "rules" for women in Islamic countries can help you avoid a run-in with those men who aren't as friendly to women.

Great Gadgets for in Room Hotel Safety
Stay safe in your hotel room with the Wedge Guard Door Alarm and a small portable door lock that will work anywhere. With these devices, no stranger will enter your hotel room! Stay safe while traveling!

Tips on Female Solo Travel
As well as tips on solo women's travel, find some interesting tidbits about what not to wear in India and the Pacific islands.

How to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler
How to stay safe on the road as a solo female traveler. Find out what to wear, where to stay, what to do and how to have fun while doing so.

Personal Experience: Words of Wisdom for Women Travelers
Zahara Heckscher, veteran female traveler, says, "Stay safe but don't stay home". Read her article, filled with valuable tips for women travelers, here.

Roofies and Other Date Rape Drugs
Rohypnol (or "roofies"), the "date rape drug" is a hazard for women and can be of particular danger to women travelers in unfamiliar surroundings. Learn more about roofies...

Pepper Spray - Women's Self Defense
Pepper spray can be your best self defense weapon. Learn how to use pepper spray safely and find a wide variety of pepper sprays - purse sized, pepper spray on a key chain, spraying rings and other ingenious pepper spray dispensers.

Women's Wear - Food for Packing Thought
Tips on what to wear worldwide. Scroll down and click on the letter of the country you're visiting. Be sure to click "For more information, click here" (they don't all read the same) at the bottom of the pages to read more tips from other women travelers; for instance, by clicking through, I discovered it is illegal for women to expose their arms in mosques in Cairo.

Women Travelers' Dress in Islamic Countries
Words of wisdom for female travelers from other women regarding dress in Islamic countries and women's Muslim clothing.

Taxi Safety
Top tips on taxi safety. Everyone should read tips on taxi safety -- as proven by the murder of two backpackers during a taxi-related scam in Bolivia in 2006, all travelers should know about taxi safety. Find more on avoiding being ripped off in taxis and basics on how to use foreign taxis, too.

Dealing With Homesickness
Homesickness affects everyone who travels and can be debilitating when it hits. Find out coping mechanisms and ways to quickly recover from it.

The Pros and Cons of Solo Travel
Solo travel can be a wonderful, life-changing experience. However, it can also be extremely challenging. How do you know if solo travel is right for you?

Female Student Travel in Turkey

5 Ways to Overcome Loneliness While Traveling
Loneliness while traveling can affect everyone on the road. Here are some surefire ways to overcome it while not letting it ruin your trip.

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