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How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport?
Before you even apply, you need to know how long it takes to get a passport so that you can rush one if need be... once you find out, you can move on with the application and, here, check on the application's status. First, though, get the answer...
How To Spot Bed Bugs While You're Traveling
It's hard to kill bed bugs, though we've got some tips on how to kill bed bugs on the road and at home. Think professional exterminators before spending big bucks trying to kill bed bugs yourself - and try to keep bed bugs from traveling home with you at all. Page 5.
Rohypnol or Roofies - How to Avoid Date Rape...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" > What are Roofies?
Freighter Travel and Freighter Cruises Get You...
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Road Trip Costs - Calculate Gas Mileage and...
A US road trip sounds like a cheap way to travel. Is it? Calculate gas mileage and find current gas prices to figure out the cost of a car trip-- learn how to use a gas mileage calculator.
How to Choose Your Student Airfare 'Travel...
Student airfare - looking for discount student airfare on the internet? Cheap student airfares websites are here. Some are true student travel agencies; others simply offer ways to find discount student airfare.
Getting There in a Hurry: How to Rush Your...
Getting a passport after you apply can take anywhere from one day to ten weeks. Getting it in four weeks or less is usually considered a rush. You don't need to pay an expediting service to rush a passport in two weeks or less. There are two ways to rush passports - learn how to do it yourself either way for nothing!
Tips to Prevent and Cure Your Motion Sickness
Motion sickness puts a real cramp in your travel style. If you're at sea or traveling by car, bus or
What Documents Do I Need for Mexico Travel?
Mexico travel documents -- Mexico travel documents do you need? Do you need a passport to visit Mexico? That answer and all about Mexico travel documents like id, Mexico tourist cards and links to news on the new PASS passport substitute for Mexico and Canada.
Hostels 101 - What You Need to Know About Hostels
Hostels, or backpackers, are the places for student travelers and backpackers. Learn about hostels, booking hostels, how hostels work, see best hostels lists and photos, and read hostel reviews.
How to Avoid Overseas Roaming Charges
You can't use your cell phone overseas without paying huge roaming charges for overseas use. You need an unlocked GSM phone and a SIM card. What's a SIM card and a GSM phone? And where can you buy SIM cards and GSM phones? Find out. Page 3.
How can I check my US passport application...
Being able to check your US passport application status has never been so important -- without this crucial document, US citizens can no longer return to the US from Mexico, Canada Bermuda and most of the Caribbean by air in the wake of new travel rules imposed by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). Learn how to check your US application passport status by phone or online.
Alcohol Drinking Ages Around the World
As a student traveler, you may be under 21, which is the legal drinking age in the US. Guess what? Alcohol drinking ages around the world are far more reasonable -- most drinking ages worldwide are at maximum 18, if not less, which makes sense for legal drinking ages. Check out a brief rundown of legal drinking ages around the world.
Want to Go Backpacking in Europe? Read This First
Want to go backpacking in Europe? Welcome to a great backpacking Europe FAQ, designed to answer key questions before you go backpacking in Europe -- what to pack, where to go, backpacking Europe budget, how to get there, where to stay and how to do backpacking Europe on the cheap. No ramen noodles. Unless you want 'em.
How to Apply for Your First US Passport
A passport is an easily recognized travel document authorizing travel and identifying you. You need a
Must-Have Travel Gear for Backpacking Southeast...
Packing tips and advice for travelers in Southeast Asia, covering what type of backpack to bring, the best clothes for the climate and essential travel technology.
How to Hide Your Money While Traveling
Learn how to hide money while traveling -- check out money belts and socks with secret pockets that hide travel money, sew your own theft-proof pockets in pants or (yes) underwear for hiding travel money and get a few travel money tips, too.
Amtrak Routes
Amtrak Routes - a screenshot of the coast to coast Amtrak routes map from New York to California, with an inset map of the Amtrak route over the Sierra Nevada range. Learn more about finding Amtrak routes below the picture, and get the latest news on passes...
Packing for Airport Security
Strict airport rules across Europe, the UK and the US can mean packing headaches for air travelers when packing for airport security. Carry on rules forbidding liquids and gels is by far the most problematic of the airport rules facing travelers these days, and packing with a little foresight helps. Let's walk through how to cope.
Do You Need a Passport to Visit Mexico, Canada,...
For what countries are a passport required for travel? Do I need a passport to go to Mexico? To Canada? You need a passport for all of them by air, though you can still travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean by land or sea without a passport. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, among other island areas, are US territories and no passport is required for travel between them and the US. Learn what you do need for travel by land and sea. Page 2.
Amtrak Tickets
After checking out the route map to ensure the train goes where you want to get, you can buy Amtrak tickets online, at a train station, or from the conductor. Learn how and where to buy Amtrak tickets, and see some pix of what the station, the train, and the trip will be like. Page 2.
Standby Flights for Students from Airtran U
Airtran offers standby flights called Airtran U (student standby flight tickets formerly called X Fares) - a student airfare discount program - to young people 18-24 years old. Learn about Airtran standby flights at Airtran airline, and know you can even get frequent flyer credit for these standby tickets.
What are international country codes? How do I...
International calling codes, or country codes, are digits that must be dialed to reach a telephone number in another country. Learn how to dial an international call with country code and find country codes and city codes.
How to Avoid Lost Luggage and What to Do About...
Lost luggage sometimes can't be helped, and lost luggage, like first time concert-goers, usually returns somewhat changed. Learn how to try and avoid lost luggage and what to do about wayward bags, especially if an airline has lost the luggage.
Money Belts Hide Cash, Traveler's Checks and...
Hide travel money safely in money belts. You can buy regular belts that are really money belts or cloth money pouches, also called money belts, that are worn under your clothes. Read all about money belts and compare money belt prices.
Top 5 London Shopping Spots for Women
Top 5 places for London shopping for women - faves for London shopping are Top Shop, H&M, Mango and Zara in Soho are all great for bargain fashion London shopping, with cool Carnaby Street stores nearby. Get locations and descriptions of the top 5 cheap London shopping spots for women, and some ideas on London street markets, too. Love that London shopping.
How much travel money should I budget to visit...
Mexico travel budget: how much money should you budget for Mexico travel? How much does Mexico travel cost as a student traveler? Mexico travel is not as cheap as you might think, but still a bargain for student travelers. See a bare-bones Mexico student travel budget.
Amtrak Baggage Check, Carry On and Security Rules
Amtrak security allows different numbers and sizes of carry on bags and checked bags depending on your ticket. Oversized baggage items, like snowboards, have to be checked at the station. Learn about allowed checked baggage on Amtrak trains and Amtrak security rules. Page 6.
Top 10 Frequently Asked Hostel Questions
Hostel FAQ: A hostel is the way to stay on student travel and backpacking adventures, and a FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question. Let's get the answers to the top ten frequently asked hostel questions in a hostel FAQ.
Driving in Australia - Frequently Asked...
Driving in Australia FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions about driving in Australia for backpackers, like how old you have to be to drive in Australia, rent a car, rent a campervan or motorhome, where you can buy a backpacker car in Australia, and more about driving in Australia for backpackers.
Which Airports Have Full Body Scanners?
Which airports have full body scanners? Across the US, 65 airports now have xray full body scanners, at airports security (they don't really use xrays, but yeah, those). Here's a list of the US airports that have full body scanners so you can know before you go whether the TSA wants to see you naked.
What is an Exchange Rate and What Does That Mean?
What is the definition of exchange rate? What is an exchange rate? What is the definition of exchange rate as it applies to travel? What is the current foreign exchange rate? How can I find the exchange rate when I travel? How much is my money worth with the exchange rate?
Top 5 Money Saving Road Trip Tips
Top 5 Money Saving Road Trip Tips - learn how to save money on road trips with the top 5 money saving road trip tips. Save cents on food and lodging and get the best gas prices, and learn gas saving techniques, with the top 5 money saving road trip tips.
Step by Step Plan for a Great Ocean Road...
The Great Ocean Road is an excellent Australian bus tour or road trip, and one of the world's most beautiful drives. Check out a step by step guide with photos for a Great Ocean Road bus tour or road trip, and get tips on where to stop on a Great Ocean Road bus tour or road trip, plus how to find bus tours of Australia's Great Ocean Road.
Amtrak Superliner Sleeper and Coach Seat...
Picture of Amtrak Superliner sleeper compartment in the California Zephyr and description of Amtrak sleeper compartments on Superliner trains (see more Amtrak seat options below the picture). Page 3.
How Can I Apply for a Passport if I Don't Have...
You must have certain materials to get a passport, usually including a birth certificate. Find out here how to get a passport without a birth certificate.
How do I get a Mexico tourist card?
Mexico tourist cards - what is a Mexico tourist card? How and where do you get Mexico tourist cards? Learn what Mexico tourist cards are, who needs one and how to get Mexico tourist cards.
Tulum Travel Guide - Budget and Tulum Travel FAQ
The tiny town of Tulum, Mexico, is two hours south and light years from crazy Cancun. Tulum is a four hour haul north of the Belize border -- Xcalek is on the route but shhh -- no one knows about Xcalak yet. Learn about Tulum -- why you should go, where Tulum is, how to get there, where to stay, where to eat and more.
Mexican Car Insurance, Renting a Car in Mexico...
Driving in Mexico - border crossings, Mexican car insurance, driving rules of the road in Mexico, bringing items into and out of Mexico, Mexico and US Customs and renting a car in Mexico and more on driving in Mexico. Driving in Mexico is a snap --don't be afraid of driving in Mexico!
Options for Cheap Buses in the US
Buses: if you're like most, you don't have wheels at school -- and with gas prices in the stratosphere last summer and plane fares not far behind this winter, you may be looking for less pricey ways to get around the US. How about the bus? Yeah, seriously -- and there are a few alternatives to Greyhound these days (and Greyhound's actually a good, comfortable, cheap travel option). So what's the scoop on cheap buses in the US? Read up on Boltbus, Megabus, Chinatown buses and more.
Top Five Reasons to Travel After Graduation
Chances are good that your parents didn't travel after high school (and maybe don't know why you should, either). And after you graduate from college, it's implied that you'll go straight to work for the rest of your young-enough-to-travel life. UK students, on the other hand, take a gap year, or a year of traveling or life without school before or after college. You should, too. Why? A million reasons you'll never regret... here are just five:
Before You Ride - Eurostar Frequently Asked...
The Eurostar is the train running from Brussels and Paris to London and back under the English channel. Eurostar travel requires a separate ticket from any Eurail pass you may have, but some Eurail passes will give you student discount Eurostar tickets. Learn more about the Eurostar and Eurostar tickets.
Top Safety Tips for Women Travelers
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How to Unlock an iPhone for Travel
How to Unlock an iPhone for Travel - How to Unlock an iPhone
Airport Security Rules
Airport security rules are a travel drag: get through airport security and get to the fun part (travel!) faster by kowing what the airport security rules are in advance. Backscatter machine sending images of your naked body to TSA agents? Treading the athlete's foot trail shoeless? All that fun and more awaits at airport security; get current airport rules and the TSA's latest, and be prepared -- it will make it easier!
List of Volunteer Organizations for College...
Looking for some volunteer opportunities? We are, too -- always -- and we're putting together a master list of volunteer opportunities especially suited to students. The list is evolving -- check it out now for partner volunteer organizations and specific charitable volunteer organizations offering actionable volunteer opportunities.
Amtrak Viewliner Sleeper and Amtrak Sleeper...
Amtrak Viewliner roomettes, or sleepers, have toilets and sinks plus two seats and two beds - check out a description and picture of an Amtrak Viewliner sleeping compartment. Page 4.
How Eurail Passes Work
How Eurail passes work, like how travel days work on Eurail passes, how night trains with Eurail passes work, how Eurail passes and reservations work, how to validate Eurail passes and how to buy Eurail passes. Find student discounts on Eurail passes, too.
Women's Muslim Dress - Women Traveler's Dress...
Women traveler's dress in Muslim countries -- words of wisdom for women travelers from other women regarding dress in Islamic countries and women's Muslim clothing for travelers.
How to Get and Use Etickets
Air etickets are a great boon for student travelers who may not have a travel snail mail address. Use an internet cafe to print your eticket yourself and wing your way to your next destination with minimum hassle. Why you should use e-tickets, how to get etickets and what you need to use etickets at the airport.
Finding Your Amtrak Train at the Station
Just like airports, every Amtrak station is different. Finding your way is a snap, though. Learn how to find your Amtrak train station, your train and platform and about boarding your Amtrak train. Page 7.
Cruise Ships - Luxury Boat Travel at a Price
Freighter travel (freighter cruises) is the most economical way for student travelers to sail the high seas, but you might consider a luxury ocean liner or cheap Easy Cruise. Page 2.
US Maps - Comprehensive Maps of the United...
US maps - free online or hard copies. US state and territory maps, scenic maps, attractions and sightseeing maps, and info (time zones, capitals, physical maps, city and highway maps). Fun United States maps: scenic, attractions and sightseeing.
Amtrak Family Bedroom Sleeper
Amtrak family bedrooms are sleepers that can hold six people and don't have bathrooms. Learn about family bedrooms and other Amtrak sleepers and see a picture of an Amtrak family bedroom. Page 5.
Birkenstock Walking Shoes and Sandals
Birkenstock shoes and sandals are walker's favorites the world over. Ask student travelers what they won't give up, and Birkenstock wearers will list their shoes before backpacks. (Promotional code.) Well known and worn Birkenstocks are a renewable resource, too: resole, re-footbed, re-use. Try 'em for a trip and you'll be a well-heeled traveler indeed.
Top 10 Rome Hostels
Travelers like Rome hostels like the Yellow Hostel, Alessandro Palace, Pensione Ottaviano, Pop Inn Hostel, BellaRoma Hostel, Friends Hostel, M & J Place, Italy Inn, Youth Station Hostel and Hotel and Hostel Des Artistes in Rome.
Pictures of Amtrak Trains and Trips
Amtrak trains and Amtrak pictures -- see some Amtrak pictures from a coast to coast Amtrak train trip, and judge for yourself whether you can do the Amtrak train travel thing after checking out some pictures of Amtrak trains, sleepers, seats, stations and the folks who ride the US rails. Enjoy the Amtrak pictures, travelers. (And learn how to get a student discount on Amtrak trains, too.)
International Electrical Adapter
This international electrical adapter with surge protector has four kinds of international electrical plugs built into one small box, with each set of plugs being good for a different part of the world. Great adaptor!
Rail Passes - Discount European Youth Rail...
Under 26? You're eligible for European rail passes at a student discount. Check out the best of what's on offer in rail passes from Rail Europe & Railpass.
Tipping on Amtrak Trains
Tipping on trains is far from compulsory, but if you want to tip, here's a guide to tipping on trains -- how much to tip the attendant, porter, dining car attendant and all about tipping on trains. Page 11.
Amtrak Observation Cars, Dining Cars and Amtrak...
Amtrak offers food in a cafe or dining car on most long haul trains, as well as observation cars or sightseer lounges and places to buy booze. Learn more and see pictures of an Amtrak observation car. Page 9.
What Does Freighter Travel Cost?
Student traveler setting sail for international study, work or play? Read answers to frequently asked questions about traveling the seven seas by freighter.
Top 10 Amsterdam Hostels
Among the Amsterdam hostels travelers like are Flying Pig Backpacker's Downtown Hostel, Bulldog Hostel and Flying Pig Palace Hostel. Check out review links and get prices and maps.
Driving in Mexico - US Customs and Crossing the...
Driving out of Mexico at the Mexico-US border, you'll drive through one of several lanes (number of lanes depends on how much traffic the border crossing handles). A US customs official will probably be standing at the side of the road and will motion for you to stop; he'll ask if you've anything to declare. Tell the truth and, as long as you are carrying nothing illegal like switchblades or illicit drugs, you'll be fine. Page 3.
Greyhound Bus Student Travel Discounts
Get Greyhound bus student travel and shipping discounts and a Student Advantage Card that gives you global deals on your favorite stuff.
How to Get Student Travel Discounts
If you're between 12-26, the travel industry considers you a student traveler and you are eligible for student travel discounts. Travel companies from Rail Europe to Greyhound offer student travel discounts. Let's find the student travel discounts available and learn how to take advantage of student travel discounts.
How to Find a Passport Office
Passport Office - Find a Passport Office Near You - How to Find a Passport Office
Pack Light, Pack Smart
Hopping continents while hauling mounds of luggage is a gigantic drag. Want to breeze through countries instead of sweating along the sidewalk? Pack light, pack smart: a short packing tutorial.
Toilets Around the World - Toilet Talk for...
Toilets around the world all have the same purpose -- they're just toilets, and they won't kill you, though they may appall you... squat toilets and outhouses are still just toilets. You can't flush toilet paper in some countries' toilets, like Mexico, because of the plumbing, and you don't get toilet paper to begin with in much of the world's public toilets. Your hand and, hopefully, a bucket, are the options.
How to Avoid Mosquito Bites
The ultimate guide to avoiding getting bitten by mosquitos, whether it's insect repellent, coils, bracelets or patches -- we let you know which methods actually work
Top 10 Paris Hostels - Maps, Prices
Get maps and descriptions for the top ten Paris hostels travelers like: Le Village, Peace and Love, Lucky Youth, Woodstock, Absolute, Le Montclair Montmartre, Young and Happy, Aloha, Three Ducks, Square Caulaincourt.
Before You Travel by Air
Air travel has gotten more challenging, and preparing for air travel is key. Getting ready for air travel will make the experience more pleasant - be ready for air travel by having the right travel documents like an itinerary and eticket, choosing an airplane seat assignment, packing for airport security, and avoiding lost luggage.
When is Spring Break? Dates for 2015
We've compiled a list of 2015 Spring Break dates for every college and university in the USA. Find out when yours is and plan your spring vacation!
Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico?
Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico? Nope. No passport need for this pretty Caribbean island if you're a citizen of the USA: it's a United States possession. What's that mean? Get the whole skinny....
American Road Trips 101
How to have great road trips - get or ready a car for a road trip, learn about food on road trips, get US maps or Mexico maps, understand AAA, see gas claculators, and view some US road trip photos.
Backpack Reviews for Travelers and Hikers
Backpack reviews from real backpackers and professionals. Big brands like Kelty and North Face, along with some lesser-known brands, plus tips and advice.
Debit Card - Don't Travel Without it
Student travelers will find an ATM or debit card the most indispensable asset you can bring along on your international journey. It functions like a credit card, which you must have for making reservations, and if you lose your cash and/or traveler's checks, it will be your lifesaver. - you can use it in payphones and get fairly favorable exchange rates at ATM machines. Don't leave home without it!
When is Spring Break in California?
: When is Spring Break in California? : When is spring break in California? You want to know when spring
Hand Gestures in the World With Two Meanings Or...
Hand gestures can have meanings in other countries and cultures that are not what you think they are -- in fact, a hand gesture familiar and friendly to you could be a dreadful insult elsewhere. So... check out our list of Hand Gestures Around the World, and then add yours!
Amtrak Conductor Checking Tickets
Once aboard your Amtrak train, the conductor will check your tickets. Learn more about who wants to see your Amtrak ticket and when. Page 8.
How can I get a permit or visa to work...
Working abroad requires a work visa issued by the country in which you're working. If you've arranged an internship on your own or found your own international student job, you'll need to know how to get an international work visa.
Women: How to Dress for Travel in Iran
If you're traveling to Iran, this link to info on women's dress in Iran may also be helpful. The site's information, which covers women's dress in Iran for tourists and travelers, reads in part:. Page 2.
Top 5 Free Things to Do in Paris - Student Travel
Find the free things to do in Paris that won't cost you a Euro, like visiting a famous grave, the Paris Plage, in a list of top free things to do in Paris meant just for student travelers.
All About the London Tube and London Tube Maps...
London tube - how to ride the London Tube for beginners, including how to use London tube tickets, find London tube maps, and find London tube stations and London tube stops.
Do I Need Immunizations for Travel?
Travel immunizations - about travel shots and immunizations - do I need travel immunizations or shots for travel? What kind of travel immunizations do I need? Get the answers about travel immunizations and vaccinations.
Amtrak Onboard Personnel
Amtrak personnel are the folks manning the train. Find out who's who on trains. Page 10.
Travel Sized Tubes - Where to Get Small...
Travel sized tubes are a bonus packing item, especially when packing for airport security rules. Using samples ofliquids and gels helps - here's where to get small travel sized tubes of liquids and gels toiletries like soap and shampoo - find sample packets of food and drugs, too.
Current Student Airfare Deals
Student airfares and student airfare deals abound, considering the small number of student travel agencies offering student airfares and deals in existence. Most student airfares are negotiated through SATA (Student Air Travel Association) and are for full time students or youth under 26. Check out this week's current student airfare deals available here.
Student Guide to London Travel
London Travel - student guide to London travel, and beginner's guide to London travel for student travelers, with in-depth first time and expert London travel tips.
Top 5 Tulum Cabanas and Hotels, Beach Camping...
Tulum cabanas and the best Tulum hotels for student travelers, and a cool hostel in Tulum, too. Two hours south of Cancun on the Mayan Riviera, Tulum offers beach camping and sand or concrete floor cabanas. Find Tulum cabanas, hostels, and budget hotels in Tulum (it's a town, not just a Mayan ruin).
Driving in Mexico - Learn the Mexico Rules of...
Driving in Mexico - Mexico rules of the road, the Green Angels, bribes while driving in Mexico, Mexico traffic tickets. A left turn signal does not mean a car is turning left, and other Mexico driving rules. Page 2.
View From the Train Window
You've boarded, you've eaten, you've explored the Amtrak train -- time to sit back and relax and watch the world go by. That's what riding trains is all about. Page 12.
Top 10 Student Travel and Backpacker Gift Ideas
Got a student traveler or backpacker on your gift list? Check out these travel gift ideas that may spark your imagination.
Top 10 '05 Picks for Best Men's Travel Gear
Top picks for the best men's travel gear -- list includes best travel clothing like travel shirt, travel pants, travel shoes, men's travel hat and an iPod hoodie and travel accessories like the best travel watch and best travel razor.
What's Up With Mexico Utilities - Water,...
Mexico utilities questions: can I drink the water in Mexico? Why can't I put toilet paper in the toilet in Mexico? How do I make a phone call in Mexico? Basic travel questions about using utilities in Mexico.
Mexico Travel Planning FAQ
Do some Mexico travel planning with this Mexico travel planning FAQ! Learn about Mexico travel documents you need to get before you go, whether you need shots to visit Mexico, about Mexico water, driving in Mexico and where to get Mexico maps and guidebooks. See some Mexico photo galleries in this Mexico travel planning FAQ, too.
Before You Try Blogging for Money While Traveling
How to pay for travel is the eternal question for student travelers and backpackers. A job that travels with you, like blogging for money, is a solution whose time has come. Let's look into all the details of blogging for money and whether you can make money blogging while you travel.
Youth and Student Travel Discount Cards
Several youth and student travel discount cards for youth and student travelers exist, generally for travelers under 26 (sometimes under 22) years old. Some youth and student travel discount cards offer hostel discounts or specific travel discounts; some offer travel plus entertainment or goods discounts. Check out several youth and student travel discount cards here.
What's a night train in Europe?
A night train in Europe is one that is traveling from well before midnight until morning, which is generally understood to mean after 7:00 a.m. Night trains in Europe have sleeper compartments - you may want a couchette on a night train. Learn about night trains.
International Student Work in Ireland
International student work search? Work abroad in bonny Ireland in a part time or summer job, perfect for student travelers, or find professional job opportunties for working students in Ireland.
Do You Need a Passport to Go to the USVI (U.S....
Do You Need a Passport to Go to the USVI (U.S. Virgin Islands)?
Airplane Seat Planning
SeatGuru.com shows you airplane seat maps online so you can find whether your airplane seat is over a wing or next to a lavatory. If you dislike your seat assignment after checking your placement with Seat Guru, call the airline and request a seat change. To find your seat, find your plane. Page 2.
Avoiding Pesky Guys and Dealing With Rape While...
Women student travelers: learn about avoiding unwanted guy attention and what to do if you're assaulted or raped while traveling. Page 2.
What Travel Documents do I Need for Student...
Travel Documents - what travel documents will I need for student travel? Learn which travel documents you may need for student travel -- passport, tourism and work visa, id, travel immunizations record and international driver's license. Let's look at all the travel document details.
Should I worry about malaria?
Malaria, a creepy insect-borne disease found in warm areas, is a very real travel worry if you're heading to a country where malaria is prevalent, like many countries in Africa. Check out a malaria map from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to learn whether malaria is an issue in countries to which you will be traveling. Learn about malaria symptoms, malaria prevention, including malaria pills, and treatment.
Denver Platform View
Amtrak trains stop at major stations long enough for you to hop off and stretch your legs -- these are also smoke breaks for those who must. Learn more about the stations where you can stroll the platform. Page 13.
Get an ISIC Card
An ISIC card is a great boon for student travelers looking for airfare and shopping discounts. ISIC cards will also provide sickness and accident insurance for student travelers, low cost phone calls and more. These instructions show you how to buy an ISIC card.
Pepper Spray - Safe Self Defense
Pepper spray can be your best self defense weapon. Learn how to use pepper spray safely and find a wide variety of pepper sprays - purse sized, pepper spray on a key chain, spraying rings and other ingenious pepper spray dispensers.
Should You Book Your Hostels in Advance?
One of the most frequently asked questions by new travelers is whether they should be booking their accommodation in advance. We take a look at the benefits and downsides of doing so.
View From the Heartland
The view from a semi-deserted train station in America's heartland at the witching hour is actually pretty cool and worth staying up for. Page 14.
What Are TSA Backscatter or Body Imaging X-Ray...
The TSA has installed backscatter, or body imaging X-ray, or millimeter wave machines at 65 airports across the US as of October, 2010. Learn what backscatter body imaging machines at airports are and see an actual image of a passenger's body as seen by the TSA from a backscatter body imaging machine at an airport - this is the picture shown in a TSA scanner. Learn how millimeter wave technology in TSA body imaging machines works, and see which airports have these TSA scanners.
LL Bean Passport Organizer
The LL Bean passport organizer is a seemingly small affair that opens into a virtual travel toolkit. As a passport holder only, it's a little expensive because it's a lot more than that. Using this multi-featured travel accessory solely for passpor and tickets is impossible, anyway; no sooner will you decide in which of the seven pockets to put your passport then you'll be filling the rest.
What is Wifi?
Wifi - what is wifi? Find the definition of wifi and learn why travelers care what wifi is, and where to find wifi hotspots.
Backpack Packing and Buying Tips
Backpacking expert and backpack-europe.com webmaster Ian Pasek gives expert advice on buying and packing a backpack: tips on backpack size, comfort and durability and travel packing advice.
Flashpacker Guide to Packing a Laptop Backpack...
The last travel must-have for your laptop backpack is a set of luggage locks to keep its contents safe -- you're carrying some spendy tech gear. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) allows baggage screeners to clip luggage locks, sift through stuff and send a bag on unlocked. Let's not have that. Page 10.
Maps of Australia
Maps of Australia, online or hard copies. Find maps of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) as well as city maps for Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane.
Winter Park Platform View
The Winter Park train station is where you'll disembark, skis and all, from Colorado's Ski Train, or a beautiful station stop and break on a long Amtrak trip. Learn more. Page 15.
Spring Break in Florida
Everything student travelers could want to know about spring break in Florida - spring break in Daytona Beach, Panama City and the Florida Keys are thoroughly covered, with links to primers on spring break 101.
Top 10 London Hostels
Top London hostels like Astor Museum, London Backpackers, Wake Up London and Ace Hotel are favorites with backpackers and student travelers. Check out a list of top London hostels with individual personal reviews, too.
Top 10 Graduation Gifts for Travelers
Graduation gift time! If your favorite graduate is planning travel after graduation, finding a graduation gift becomes truly fun. Traveling graduates need some basics as graduation gifts, and a few premium graduation gifts for travelers will really make your graduate's world go 'round. Read on for the top 10 graduation gift ideas for travelers -- tuck everything into a great travel bag for a complete graduation gift.
Where can I find an online currency converter?
Best online currency converter; convert American dollars to every currency in the world. Use a currency converter in travel planning - convert dollars to Euros, pesos, francs, lira and more and vice versa.
Delaying the Real World Travel Grant for...
Not planning an educational path leading to a cubicle? May not even go to school? Planning to travel the world in search of meaningful adventure? 21-29 years old and a US citizen? Need $3500? You need to apply for the Delaying the Real World travel grant.
Glenwood Springs Platform View
Student Travel. Page 16.
How Much Do Hostels Cost? A Frequently Asked...
Expect to spend $8-$35 on a single bed. For your money, you'll get a bunk and shared bathroom unless you're going flashpacker style in a more expensive single room, which may have its own bath and will cost up to $75. If a hostel costs more than that, it ain't a hostel -- it's a B and B for your grandparents. The new and very nice boutique hostels are proving an exception: still hostels, def on the spendy side, but very upscale. Learn more about what hostels cost...
Volunteer to Build Affordable Homes Internation...
Volunteer work opportunity: two week trips to help build affordable homes internationally with Habitat for Humanity. Take a volunteer vacation, help with affordable home construction and meet the community.
Mexico Maps
Mexico maps, online or hard copies, and Mexico GPS maps. Mexico road maps, Mexico state maps, Baja Mexico maps, Gulf of Mexico and Mexico city maps, Cancun maps, Cozumel maps, Mexico road atlases. Get Mexico maps before you travel.
Boat Travel Tips
Whether traveling by spendy cruise ship or freighter boat, boat travel is boat travel. It's key to pack sparingly, avoid motion sickness, and spend onboard and shopping pennies wisely to enjoy your high seas adventure. Page 3.
Cheap Mexico Airlines With Bargain Airfare
Cheap Mexico airlines hopped on the budget airline flight path in 2005, with Avolar, Azteca, Click, Interjet, vivaAerobus, or viva Aerobus, and Volaris on board the cheap Mexico airline wagon by 2006. More budget Mexico airlines will probably be on the way as Mexico privatizes Mexico airline AeroMexico.
Hiking Boots and Shoes- Reviews, Tips and...
The right pair of hiking boots or shoes is crucial - comfort, fit, durability make the difference between a good hiking boot and sore, aching feet. Get hiking boot reviews and prices.
Hot Summer Concerts and Music Festivals in Europe
Summer concerts in Europe are here and that means some of the biggest, as well as small but hot, bands in the world are hitting Europe for huge summer music festivals. Several-day extravaganzas with camping, food and merriment mean a summer music festival in Europe is a ready-made vacation with thousands of your soon-to-be closest new friends. Check out the top summer concerts in Europe.
Top 5 Sydney Hostels - List of the Best Sydney...
Travelers' picks for top Sydney hostels, and writers' favorite Sydney hostels, plus writer and backpacker-taken photos. Get a list of the top ten Sydney hostels from backpackers who've stayed and played down under.
Student's Guide to Mexico Travel - Beginner's...
Mexico Travel - student travel Mexico. Beginner's and student's guide to Mexico travel for student travelers, with in-depth first time and expert Mexico travel tips. mexico hostels, Mexico photos, how to ride Mexico buses and all the Mexico travel tips.
How to Find Cheap European Airfare
European airlines offer big airfare discounts if you look. Before you buy a student airfare for European puddle jumping, check out the many budget airlines offering super cheap one way European airfare - how about a $2.28 airfare from London to Rome? Add taxes and fees and you're looking at a European airfare of $40.00 or less.
The Student’s Guide to Finding Cheap...
With hundreds of websites dedicated to finding the cheapest flights how do you know which one is best? These insider tips and tricks will help you to find the best rates online.
Eurail Single Country Student Train Passes
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Find US Federal Campgrounds Online by State
Find US federal campgrounds online by state - find campgrounds from National Forest, BLM, National Park, Bureau of Reclamation or Corps of Engineers online by state and see photos, online campsite information and get online maps.
Half Off Amtrak Ticket for High School Students
Amtrak is offering high school juniors and seniors a half off discounted train ticket for a parent or companion when the student travels by Amtrak train to tour prospective college campuses. Get the promotional code.
What Is a Copyrighted Image? What Does...
What Is a Copyrighted Image? What Does Copyright Mean in Image Use?
Riding London Doubledecker Buses
London bus maps are posted at bus stops all over central London. Unlike in some US cities, London bus stops are well kept and the London bus maps are (1) there and (2) readable. Naturally, it's nice to know where you're going, though -- learn where to find London bus maps. Page 3.
How to Use Munich Trains
How to Use Munich Trains - about Munich trains and subways. Getting around in Munich via train and subway is easy enough if you learn some basic rules. Read more...
Before You Student Travel Planning
Before you travel, do some student travel planning -- life on the road will be easier if you know what you need and at least a little about where you're going, what you're doing, how you'll get there and where you can stay. Read a complete student travel planning roundup -- this is Student Travel 101.
Top 2 Gadgets to Keep you Safe in Your Hotel Room
Stay safe in your hotel room with the Wedge Guard Door Alarm and a portable door lock that works anywhere. With these devices, no stranger will enter your hotel room. Stay safe while traveling!
Colombia Travel: Visiting Colombia for...
Colombia Travel: Visiting Colombia for Backpackers
Give Something Back This Spring Break with...
The phrase "alternative spring break" (ASB) usually means volunteering for spring break, a very rewarding
What Are Hostel Bathrooms Like?
Expect shared bathrooms in hostels, though private hostel rooms may have en suite (in the room) bathrooms. Hostel bathrooms usually start the day clean, but you may be sharing with double digit numbers of folks who do not share your bathroom habits, hygiene practices (whatever they may be), nor bathroom cleanliness standards. Almost always true: the toilet will be semi sloppy and the shower temperature unpredictable. Do bring flip flops to maintain healthy feet in spite of the shower.
Couchsurfing - Cross Cultural Lodging Concept
Couchsurfing is a non-profit outfit seeking to unite world travelers with a couch on which to flop and with siblings under the skin espousing similar messages of unity; in fact, one might say the company is also a philosophy. Founded in 2003, Couchsurfing went global in 2004 and, today, rules its segment of the budget travel info world with a velvet brocade hand. It's the hippest B and B for which you've never looked.
Where, When and How Much: About Mexico Buses...
Buses in Mexico -- does Mexico have buses? Where do Mexico buses go? Where can I get a Mexico bus schedule? Where can I catch Mexico buses? How much does it cost to ride a Mexico bus? Get answers to these and other FAQ about Mexico buses.
6 Ways For Students to Save Money While Traveling
A comprehensive guide for students on how to save to save money while traveling, covering accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, food and and student travel discounts.
Italy Student Work
International student work search? Work abroad in earthy Italy picking olives, or as a secretary in Rome. Find job opportunities for working students in Italy. Italian jobs - ciao!
Top 8 Free Things to do in Europe
London, Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam are definite stops on the student travel trail in Europe, and you need to know what's free in those sometimes spendy spots. Get a list of the top free things to do in Europe, including what's free to do in these favorite European cities.

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