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Readers Respond: Have You Used TFTHostels for Booking Hostels?

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TFTHostels is an aggregator, like Kayak, but just for booking hostels. Since it's a fairly new service, there are naturally some complaints and some props. What's been your experience thus far with TFTHostels? And if you haven't checked it out, do! (No need to actually sign in -- just start typing below.)

grand hotel republique

I know that you specifically asked about hostels, but sometimes budget hotels can wind up being cheaper than a lot of hostels (especially for two people). My boyfriend and I really enjoyed the budget hotel we stayed at while in Paris last month, the grand hotel republique. It's in a cute area and there's a market, ATM machine and AWESOME pizza place nearby. And it's VERY close to a metro stop (Parmentier) and the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. As you can see on the web site, breakfast (a baguette, croissant and glass of OJ) is free, and there's free internet access in the basement. You can book online. I have no complaints about my experience there. We arrived extremely late due to a plane delay and there was no problem whatsoever (it was around 11:30 at night). Oh, and I don't know if this is important or not, but I'm pretty sure all the employees there spoke English. And they were all friendly and helpful.
—Guest NnryXLRfRKnO

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