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Readers Respond: What was your experience in booking with Hostelworld?

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Hostelworld is the mammoth elephant in the hostel booking world; I've booked through Hostelworld and it's all been good. A few folks do say, though, that Hostelworld reviews ain't real (can be a dealbreaker. Anyway... got anything to share about your experience with booking through Hostelworld? Did you find reviews accurately reflected the joints, for instance (given that personal preferences will always color reviews)? Were maps accurate? Etc.? (No need to actually sign in -- just start typing below.)

Like Dublin but hostels are expensive

Dublin is very expensive- I've never been, but my sister just got back from there and she had to pay the equivalent of $15 for a piny of beer.As for the UK, I spent four months there last year. I would definitely recommend Edinburgh, Stratford upon Avon, Brighton.. I lived in Brighton, so I'm probably biased, but it's a nice seaside city. The closest city I could compare it to would be San Francisco. It has a pier where you can go on rides, it has lanes where you can shop, overall it's a really nice place. The nice thing is that it's only an hour train ride away from London, so you could even do a day trip there. You can get some pretty cheap train tickets from Brighton to London (like five pounds), so I'm sure you can get cheap ones from London to Brighton.Stratford upon Avon was cool because it had so much tudor syle architecture. Being Shakespeare's hometown, that makes sense. I'm also a Shakespeare fan, so I probably enjoyed it more than the average person might. Edinburgh was gorgeous- if you have a chance, make it up to Scotland. Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. When I was there, I wasn't really feeling it, but looking back on it it was one of my favorite trips I went on. I liked that I wasn't just in Edinburgh, but in the rural Scotland area.

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