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Readers Respond: Is Colombia Travel Safe?

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We went to Colombia in summer 2009, and not only did we love this pretty, passionate county, but we think it is as safe as any place to which we've traveled, and we think we can totally recommend Colombia travel to others. If you've been there, we want to hear from you... what do you think? Is Colombia travel safe? No need to register -- just start typing.

Colombia is safe

If in Colombia you stick to the guide books plan and visit only the government control areas, Colombia is one of the safest countries en Latinamerica. More than Perú, Venezuela or Ecuador. Moreover is one of the most diverse and priscine countries I have visited. I recomend Popayán (www.parklifehostel.com), Tierradentro, Cali, Salento, Bogotá, Barichara, Guane, Cartagena, Ciudad Perdida in Tayrona and some places in the Caribean such as Palomino and Tolu.
—Guest Borja


I would love to visit Colombia, and I don't think it will be unsafe at all. I read what you wrote about your trip, and it is encouraging. It's been a long time for that country and they deserve some tourism at our expense since we also practically funded destruction of their innocents with our buying of their criminals' drugs. Viva Colombia!
—Maria Teresa

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