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Readers Respond: Had Bedbug Bites? What Do Bedbug Bites Look Like? How Long to Heal?

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Have you been one of the unlucky recipients of bedbug bites? So how could you tell? How long did it take to heal? Enquiring minds want to know about bedbug bites.... Read what we know about bedbug bites and then tell us (ewwww) about yours -- no need to (really) register or log in!

Venice Was Not So Magical

A solid WEEK after a one-night stay in Venice, my bed bug bites (circa 70, total on mainly my arms) manifested themselves over the course of hours (it was creepy to see new spots every time I looked at myself). I had what seems to have been a very strong reaction ---the typical raised, red welts of bites were surrounded by circles of white, as if the blood has been drained from my skin in those spots. In the center of the red bite, you could often distinctly see the 3 puncture spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. NOTE: my experience has found that hydrating anti-itch creams (e.g. cortisone) are NOT the way to go ---now that I've also had bed bugs from a SECOND hotel in Minnesota (wwwwhy didn't I check the mattress? talk about a temporary lack of judgement having nasty payback), I know that calamine lotion works best for me.
—Guest Laura

my bedbug night mare

My daughter recently stayed the night w/hergrandma @ a hotel,now she has welping bites all over chest n back they remind me of mesquito bites.she cannot stop itching these things how long will this last?
—Guest Melissa brant

Near death due to a bite!

So my girlfriend unfortunately had to deal with bed bugs for a small amount of time, what she went through is horrible. She was hospitalized because of her bites, the bites lowered her blood pressure doctors were terrified! At first it started out looking like water blisters, we hadn't seen any bugs so we though maybe it was a skin irratant. Well then we saw one, we told her landlord and he acted like we were dumb. We began sparying with some spray that her landlord provided. About 2 weeks later my girlfrind is covered with these sore's and wont stop itching. Right before she went to the hospital we caught a bed bug and showed it to the landlord, he said thats not what it is and he has never had a problem. About 2 weeks later we are sleeping and my girlfriend gets bit on her eye! It was horrible, she was in the hospital for a week and had an army of doctors. The hospital said that she couldn't risk getting bit again it might kill her. She is fine now but came close due to a bug!
—Guest Bub


I have several times suffered bed bug bites. Knowing that they are not dangerous in themselves is one thing but have found that they take months to heal if they get secondary infection. Anyone staying in hotel or similar accomodation need be aware that these insects travel easily in luggage, So even the best hotels as well as the budget ones can have them around. Check the bed mattress side seams and even inside the pillow cases. I have often found individual ones ready to feed in the pillows. If you find one there are probably more!
—Guest Dave

they suck

They start out like a mosquito bite but are even itchier; you will dig at them 24 hours a day; they will scab and look similar to Chicken pox. I found soaking in a hot bath with baking soda n vinegar then applying g lots of lotion made them easier to cope with and taking benadryl or using benadryl or like creams help as well as neosporin.
—Guest teddy bear 12

Bed Bugs?

Hi All if any of you are in the West Yorkshire area you should check out our website. We are a pest control team based in West Yorkshire and we were recently on BBC's Inside Out for a story about bed bugs. If you get a chance check out our website www.directpestcontrol.net
—Guest Direct Pest Control Huddersfield

broke cant get rid of them

K, so we moved into a house that was invested and didn't know it. Started noticing bites all over my baby and talked to one of the neighbors; they told me the people that lived in our house before us moved out due to bed bugs ugh. So we moved to a new house, washed and dried all our clothes and everything. Threw away all of our furniture and got new furniture. And a week after we moved into our new house, bites on my arms again ugh. I have the harris bed bug spray does it work were do I spray it????
—Guest nicki

I Dont Know If I have bedbugs....

My baby went to spend the night with my fathernlaw. When he came back he had little places on his face, they where red but I dont know if they itched him because hes only 6months old and he cant tell me. I guesse I will find out soon enouph. But if I do I will take great reveng for my son, I promise!
—Guest Just Wondering

I had bed bugs in Cuba

Just got back from Cuba , while at our resort at the amigo club tropical in varedero , noticed itchy bug bites on legs and hands , no one else was getting any other bites . Seen black bugs , they also didn't change bedding till 4 th night , it was horrible . I went to a dr and he confirmed bed bugs and now I have special steroid creme to stop the extreme itching .
—Guest Ashley

Vacay in Utah

My husband and I were on a much needed vacation last year chose to go to St. George, UT and the National Parks in the area. Stayed at a well-known hotel in St. G. The first night I felt itchy but found no bumps (at that time had heard little about bed bugs in the news). We went hiking the next day and upon rising the 2nd morning, I had 8-10 tiny tichy bumps on the side of my neck. First I thought it may be heat rash from sweating, but after showering and getting dressed, noticed they were getting worse. We drove to the local pharmacy and the pharmacist said he had NO idea what these bumps could be! Since then, I have seen pictures of the bites and there was no mistaking what these were!!! He had to have known but didn't want to blame it on the hotel there in town. Since this was the only place we had been, I know where they came from. It would be nice if these Hotels would address the issue. It took about a week of scratching and creams to clear up.We haven't stayed in a hotel since


—Guest elizabeth jean

I just hope I didn't bring them home.

My friends and I stayed at Crystal Rock Campground in Sandusky, OH last weekend. I've never been very worried about encountering bedbugs, so I just figured the plastic-wrapped mattresses in our cabin were just a sanitary precaution. When we woke up the next morning, my friend said she had barely slept the night before because she itched and kept feeling bugs crawling on her. She lifted up and noticed spots of blood all over her sheet. We pulled back the blanket and found 4 or 5 bedbugs on them. My boyfriend and I examined our bedding, but didn't find anything. 2 days later, after we had gone home, I noticed pimple-like bumps all over my forearms, stomach, and legs. As of today, the redness around the bumps has increased in diameter and they have become raised and swollen. They itch profusely and all I can do is slather them in hydrocortisone cream. I'm terrified that I brought them home with me, but I haven't noticed any signs yet. I feel so helpless.
—Guest Grossed Out!

Mr. Steckler

I was living at a shelter in MT at the VA's expense. When I started get red welts every morning. They VA did not want to address the problem claiming it was a community problem. The community did not want to address my medical condition because I am a veteran you gets his care through the VA. Needless to say I forced the local free clinic to address my welts. Which did some good because he had direct supervision over how the shelter conducts sanitation concerns otherwise the shelter would of claimed they didn't have any money left over from the VA budget to provide a pest control contractor. My advise there are sanitation rules in place at the shelter enforce them. If you don't bath or shave nor do laundry. 6 mos. with services. You bring your personal effects into the sleeping area. 1 yr. no services. The staff that doesn't enforce these rules automatic termination with no unemployment benefits.
—Guest rockin' randy

Carnival catastrophe!

About 4 years ago I went on the 4 day Mexican Cruise with Carnival. For two days I slept fine, but on the third night I kept getting bit while trying to sleep, I would jump up and pull the covers back and there was nothing there. My room mate thought this was hilarious. BY 3 am I literally took all of the top bedding off and still didn't see anything. Exhausted I finally fell asleep, when I woke up there was a trail of itchy bumps from my calf to my butt along with blood streak where I tried to move in my sleep. I went to the front desk and had a fit, they changed everything including the mattress, I didn't get bitten the final night, but I still couldn't sleep sound wondering if they would crawl up my nose or in my mouth while I was trying to sleep. Never booked another Mexican cruise. However, I did go on a longer cruise with a newer ship and had no problem, although I still requested new hypoallergenic bedding.
—Guest Marla

my new little houseguests

Had a houseguest for 3 days whose house, unbeknown to us, was infested with bedbugs. He's gone now, but not his little friends. They really love me. I'm the sirloin in the house. Everyone else is a veggie burger. It is now summer here in Phx,Az & I'm wearing long sleeved shirts, long pants & boots to cover the bites & scars. I've bought a steamer for the furniture to help keep poison off us as much as possible. It has helped to give some relief while we clear and poison the rest of the house. Unfortunately, if you stop sleeping in your room & go to another, they will follow you. They detect body heat, the Co2 we exhale and pheremones we exude. It can take a while to get rid of them but perseverence furthers! We've noticed some improvement but intend to continue the attack even when we think they're all gone just to be extra sure. Good luck to us all.
—Guest guestjaja

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