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Readers Respond: Had Bedbug Bites? What Do Bedbug Bites Look Like? How Long to Heal?

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Have you been one of the unlucky recipients of bedbug bites? So how could you tell? How long did it take to heal? Enquiring minds want to know about bedbug bites.... Read what we know about bedbug bites and then tell us (ewwww) about yours -- no need to (really) register or log in!


I woke up one morning and I have red bumped all over my body. I was shocked and disgusted.
—Guest Jason

future looks bad

I never seen bed bugs until I moved in with a friend and her 3 kids. After 2 days sleeping on the floor I noticed red itchy bumps all over my body. After talking with friends I found out it was bed bug bites. When I went home, I told my friend who laughed and said she knew about the bugs and everyone in the house has been to the E.R. after talking with her about riding the place of the bugs, she has done nothing and wont talk to landlord. Im looking for a job and have no where else to go. Because there everywhere, I stay outs ide all night with very little sleep on the stairs.
—Guest T-25

Late night killing spree

I hav dark medium skin Im african american I get welts like mosquito bites or lil tiny white bumps when bedbugs bite me at night. I use skin so soft from avon its a bath oil it really helps them from biting me. they love to stay in my real hair n I wud suggest pull your hair back tight, spray with hairspray or mousse or gel or oil product. they mainly leave the marks on and around my elbows. After scratching the first set 6 they scabbed months to heal to a scar then 2 months to fade using no product. I've also had a bite mark that left 3 deep feeding within a few minutes of each other n was bloody. You can often smell a dry blood smell when they are near.
—Guest Crazylife

Bed Bugs in Cape May N.J. at the LaMer

Woke up with these large red lumps across my shoulder. Actually captured one of these little brown bugs. They do alot of damage for being so small. These bites itch like crazy. I found 1% hydrocortosone help with the itch and dried them out. Took about a week. But once it happens to you, you are creeped out to stay in any hotels again.
—Guest Pete Pino

Bypass Bedbugs

My husband had a triple bypass one week ago. Came home from hospital with dozens of bites all over his back. The intense itching is causing him more anguish than the surgery. Have not yet determined if we brought any home in our luggage.
—Guest Hospitals have bedbugs

BedBug War

Had bedbug bites? Week one - Thought mosquito season had hit hard. Week two - Spotted first bed bug, 50 bites total on body, sprayed house Week three - 20 minutes of sleep = 50 bites Week four - countless bites, anemia, exhaustion, paranoia, faint when standing, weakness, cannot think straight, sleeplessness. Week 5 - Professional spray had no lasting effect. Moving out and throwing my possessions in garbage. Sleeping outside at night just to get some sleep. What do bedbug bites look like? Red dots to swollen red welts. Bleed and do not heal if scratched. Rubbing / massaging and hot showers help with itchyness and healing. How long to heal? The ones I scratched look like they'll stay as scars forever. The ones I rubbed begin to fade within a couple of days of rubbing. I live in an apartment building and according to Toronto, ON (Canada) city bylaws all landlords must maintain a pest free environment. The building has bugs. Not just my apartment. Superheat it all or curse us all.
—Guest Kristopher Spanelios

got revenge?

I had been getting red splotches all up and down my arms for weeks. I looked all over for bugs. Nothing. I washed our sheets every Monday. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I thought I was losing my mind. I even went to the Dr. and since my husband showed no red splotches of any kind, we ruled out bedbugs. That is until last night. I found one on the ledge of our box spring. I brought it into our living room, showed it to my husband and said, " I found a tick." It was already dead. Just this morning, my husband went on-line and saw a picture of this lady whose skin looked like mine. Hmmm? So, I went to take a closer look at our mattress. Yup! It was not a massive infestation, but it was an infestation none-the-less. We own a Mom and Pop carpet and upholstry cleaning business, so we loaded the machine with hot water and detergent. I vacuumed the snot out of everything we could find. We washed everything that wan't nailed down. Next we plan to spray the place and leave for a while.


so awhile back i had a friend that had bed bugs at her house and i stayed with her almost all summer it was HORRIBLE.. they just didnt have enough money to exterminate, thankfully i never carried them home with me. Also this past weekend i went with some friends to a Cabin in WI, the first morning i woke up with bites exactly like i did at my old friends house, 40 ON EACH LEG.. omg. but i seemed to be the only that got bit.. figures. Anyways i am just praying they didnt come back with me i just washed all my clothes i brought with me. *crosses fingers*
—Guest disgusted

Hyatt Tampa Bedbugs Scavies

Stayed at the Hyatt Tampa for business. My eye swole up and I had constant itching. Upon return home, doctor diagnosied scavies. Mgmt is not helping, giving me the run-around, shifting blame between management and insurance company--no resolution yet! Yuck!
—Guest M H Bartley

Stop itching of bed bug bites

Stop the itch with hot water applications to the bite.
—Guest Lucy E.

Venice Was Not So Magical

A solid WEEK after a one-night stay in Venice, my bed bug bites (circa 70, total on mainly my arms) manifested themselves over the course of hours (it was creepy to see new spots every time I looked at myself). I had what seems to have been a very strong reaction ---the typical raised, red welts of bites were surrounded by circles of white, as if the blood has been drained from my skin in those spots. In the center of the red bite, you could often distinctly see the 3 puncture spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. NOTE: my experience has found that hydrating anti-itch creams (e.g. cortisone) are NOT the way to go ---now that I've also had bed bugs from a SECOND hotel in Minnesota (wwwwhy didn't I check the mattress? talk about a temporary lack of judgement having nasty payback), I know that calamine lotion works best for me.
—Guest Laura

my bedbug night mare

My daughter recently stayed the night w/hergrandma @ a hotel,now she has welping bites all over chest n back they remind me of mesquito bites.she cannot stop itching these things how long will this last?
—Guest Melissa brant

Near death due to a bite!

So my girlfriend unfortunately had to deal with bed bugs for a small amount of time, what she went through is horrible. She was hospitalized because of her bites, the bites lowered her blood pressure doctors were terrified! At first it started out looking like water blisters, we hadn't seen any bugs so we though maybe it was a skin irratant. Well then we saw one, we told her landlord and he acted like we were dumb. We began sparying with some spray that her landlord provided. About 2 weeks later my girlfrind is covered with these sore's and wont stop itching. Right before she went to the hospital we caught a bed bug and showed it to the landlord, he said thats not what it is and he has never had a problem. About 2 weeks later we are sleeping and my girlfriend gets bit on her eye! It was horrible, she was in the hospital for a week and had an army of doctors. The hospital said that she couldn't risk getting bit again it might kill her. She is fine now but came close due to a bug!
—Guest Bub


I have several times suffered bed bug bites. Knowing that they are not dangerous in themselves is one thing but have found that they take months to heal if they get secondary infection. Anyone staying in hotel or similar accomodation need be aware that these insects travel easily in luggage, So even the best hotels as well as the budget ones can have them around. Check the bed mattress side seams and even inside the pillow cases. I have often found individual ones ready to feed in the pillows. If you find one there are probably more!
—Guest Dave

they suck

They start out like a mosquito bite but are even itchier; you will dig at them 24 hours a day; they will scab and look similar to Chicken pox. I found soaking in a hot bath with baking soda n vinegar then applying g lots of lotion made them easier to cope with and taking benadryl or using benadryl or like creams help as well as neosporin.
—Guest teddy bear 12

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