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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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U-Haul Caution

I believe I got the bedbugs from the u haul I used to move. Be cautious and spray any vehicle you're using to move, with alcohol or bed bug killer before moving and prevent more bedbugs from setting up housekeeping in your bed.
—Guest bitten too

get the itch

one way to stop the itching is to heat the bites with a hairdryer- DON'T burn yourself! but the heat will give relief! DE is the killer- but you have to endure the waiting time between them emerging and wading through it and their drying out. You will have to put up with them through a cycle of hatching before you are rid of them.
—Guest riddly

how i do it

i cover my self completely from ankles up and use my feet as bait so they won't go near my face.
—Guest hi

executive houskeeper

Dear sir For your information I have most of the room in our hotels with Activity insect bugs and I try everything but till now still we haven and don’t know what I have to do please advise me by your personal way Thanks and best regards
—Guest hossamhamzawi

executive houskeeper

after you've seen your last bedbug. I've noticed lots of people mention they had waterbeds and got them. I think that is because the frames have more hidey holes than regular bed frames. PUT FLY PAPER on the legs of your bed. Keep the alcohol spray bottle next to your bed. The diatemaceous earth really works - I use a cheap feather duster and twirl it in the bag, then lightly spread the dust on walls, in dressers, on pictures, between the sheets and mattress cover, on headboard, books, floors, windowsills, baseboards...you get the picture. Oh, dust all of your suitcases, too. We threw away our bed frame - it was chock full of bedbugs. Also, dust every room in the house except kitchen.
—Guest hossamhamzawi

Killing of bedbugs

My wife lives in an apartment and her whole building is infested evan though they've had pro exterminators come through three times now . I was not prepared for what I've found when I arrived here to help her battle the bed bugs . They are coming from the walls and I've been using silicone on every crack and seam in her apt . Also expanding spray foam around all the plumbing and electrical outlets . This includes light switches and ceiling fixtures , any meens for them to get in and out of the walls . Around door frames , baseboards window frames with silicone . This takes time and a considerable amount of money in materials but the end result should be nowhere for them to hide . Also using Elmer's wood glue to seal all cracks in wooden furniture . Vegetable oil on fingers when applying the silicone has resulted in bugs being caught in the residue left over . When the apt. Is seale Plan to bomb. Hope this helps .
—Guest Jony2cool

Bed bugs are intelligent?

I had a brother that had an apartment in my home. He was a hoarder. By the time I realized what that bug my cat took off her body actually was, my home was severely infested. I've been chipping away at it slowly. Steamers, spray, vacuuming, bombs(bed bugs and roach), tape around bed post, get rid of furniture. I still see them in my home. I've summed it up, we are in hell and they are satan's helpers.
—Guest Brother was a hoarder


Spray lavender room spray and steam roll the bedsheet followed by hint of pure lavender oil off 3 lavender branches. Heat up bedsheet to eliminate all bugs!!!
—Guest eliminator

Temp Removal

Douse these Little things in rubbing alcohol. Fingernail polish remover will only stun them. That's the easiest thing To TEMPORARILY cease them.
—Guest bedbugking


Put camphor below your bed... it keeps bed bugs away. Simple. They will run like hell.
—Guest Sharad


It is not unusual for one person in the household to show immediate welts upon being bitten, but it may take 1 - 2 weeks before others in the household show signs. Water temperature in the washer is not as key as the dryer temperature. Dry everything twice on high settings. When removing linens and clothes from the home, bag them in the room, do not carry them through the house without sealing the bags. Heating to 130 degrees is sufficient as long as it is thorough. After getting the temperature up to or past 130 + for an hour, go in and shuffle all the furniture, drawers and items left in the room and then continue the heat treatment. These critters live under furniture legs, drawer slided and box spring framing among other things. Bottom line, a professional pest control company, licensed, insured and in our case, with 2 full-time, in the field entomologists are probably your answer.
—Guest Bug Guy

Bed Bugs and Pest Control

I've read quite a few disturbing psots on here and feel the need to respond to some of the points: A recent study indicates that bed bugs can and do spread some disease. One in particular of concern is MRSA, a typically medically spread disease. Dusting, spraying with various over the counter products and some of the recommended heat treatments are very dangerous for your health. READ the labels on all over the counter products. Over the counter products typically do not have very strong residual effects. So you may think you are getting them initially, as they hid in cracks, crevices and under furniture, they end up surviving as most residual products only last a few days. Wrapping mattresses in plastic or cheap covers ends up being ineffective over the long term. You must pay the extra to get a good mattress cover with tight, interlocking teeth and velcro'ed zipper fasteners. ...continued
—Guest Bug Guy

Hope this will work

First of all, I just had a infestation of those crawling things, second, I live in New Jersey and I'm not going to give my real name or information (cause it's a little embarrassing lol) and last, I will try the heat thing and the sprays too!!! I want to get rid of those bugs so bad, I'll do it tomorrow morning!!!
—Guest MR bedbug hater

I had them for 1 year! But no more! HEAT

Ok so I had these horrible things for a year! It was the most disgusting thing ever!! We tried everything...the can that's suppose to get rid of them, throwing almost everything away, cleaning like crazy, paying a guy to kill them! None of this worked! You have to kill them wit heat; that's the only way they die! After 130 degrees, their body can't take it & die! So make sure who ever you pay to kill them, kills them with heat & nothing else! Trust me the sooner you do it the better it is! Don't waste your time doing other things..it doesn't work! Heat heat heat
—Guest M

Easy method

In the pet store, you can buy flea and tick powder, they even have all natural ones that are safe for humans and pets, and that kill them and dries them right out. Take the mattress up, sprinkle it on the frames, under the bed, around the edges of the walls. Get bed bug covers from Walmart, and wash all of the clothes and blankets. (Not necessarily in that order.) But I would cover the bed first, then put the powder on the frame, put down the box spring and then put powder between the box spring and mattress. Put vaseline on the legs of the bed and all furniture because they can not climb past petroleum jelly, foil, plastic, or talc. So if you grease the legs they won't go up or down. If you remember years ago, the elderly people used to use axle grease on their bed legs, to not get the bed bugs, especially people in country areas. Good luck, everyone.

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