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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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how to get rid of bed bugs

Heat the room they are in to 140 degrees. They will die. Repeat in all rooms you have furniture and they will be dead. Also, to stop itching use calamine lotion on the bites it works.

Cheap and Easy

I'm a medical assistant. I had a bed bug problem. My 88 year old grandma told me to use roach & ant killer. I was looking @ her like she was crazy. Her idea was if it kills big bugs it will kill little one too. Whats so funny is it worked. I sprayed the bed first then wrapped it in a cheap bed cover (vinyl) taped up the zipper part, the sprayed the whole house repeating the bed trick. washed all my stuff, used a carpet cleaner on the floors and living room suite. 2 months later bed bug free. I still spray 2 times a week. all i spent was 45.00 for roach spray, bed covers, and i own a carpet cleaner. I'm happy I listened to my grandmother.
—Guest Guest Bed bug killer

get em 2

If you choose heat methods, be smart. Refrigerate make up, perfumes and lotions. Remove chemicals from the home. All of these things can be done for $100 in a 5 bedroom house. I recommend using a laundry to wash and dry all clothes at once and this is def an added cost. Do not use the diatemaceous earth with the insecticide in it. The cloud will make you sick and the insecticide does not work on the bugs. Use only food grade DE. DE will not harm wood floors. Any items that can be washed in Dawn and dried should be. Items that can't take heat or be washed? Wrap in plastic and put in chest freezer x5 days. Good luck!! P.S. They will hide in electronics (which need to be carefully tended during these processes).
—Guest tc

get em

Spray bugs you see with Ginesis enzyme spray or Dawn and water (50/50). Bag clothing and bedding. Don't put open knots at the top of bags; tie them airtight. Spray Ginesis or high proof alcohol in all cracks and baseboards. Wrap all furniture in plastic painters tarps or shrink wrap, shake in diatomaceous earth (should see a dust cloud in the plastic) and seal with tape. If you live in a hot climate these things can be left in a hot car/van with windows up for a couple days. Same with clothes/ linens or wash and dry fabrics with high heat. All clean fabrics should be double bagged. Again, if it is very hot outside you can shut up the house, open blinds and shutters, turn the heat all the way up and scatter DE every where--be careful as the cloud will affect you--coughing etc. Leave for 1-2 days. Return to house, vacuum all carpets and furniture well, fresh coat of DE on matress and cover. Use a carpet steamer on all carpets and fabric furniture if you wish. Use deep reach foggers now.
—Guest tc

trying these things.. maybe more

For a few months, my "other" was complaining of flea bites.. we have two dogs and one cat... he refused to sleep in bed.. i was dine, never bitten. well now is gone and i have been noticing these bugs. wasnt sure what they were.. seen them for a couple weeks now. I looked it up on internet and it is bed bugs. i broke into tears.. i just found out today. I CAN NOT afford to hire someone. I went to hardware store and bout cedar oil.. off spray. the deep woods kind.. cedar chips.. bed bug spray.. put all this in my house today. i turned my oven on 300 and left the door open along with two space heaters running on high.... i am at work. mother is checking to make sure i dont burn the house down. lol.. i heard they hate cedar and OFF deep wood. thinking of baby oil and jelly and ammonia, bleach, vinegar, alcohol.. HEAT!!!! I have no idea how they got into my house. got a new "used" couchand a new "used " mattress. i will let you know if it works!!! any new info please tell me
—Guest lanj

bed bug juice

Exit your room. Obtain 3-4 rat trap glue sheets, cut carefully and glue together. Pierce your pore, fresh blood or other dead squashed bugs in between . . . Leave and monitor over night or over couple nights. You will find the sneaky buggerz! Nice way to spend weekend, happy bug hunting
—Guest blood sucker

Cedar oil "best yet", diatomaceous earth

Kills them. All natural, "best yet" at the pest control store or online, diatomaceous earth at Lowes. We rented out a condo, got them again 2 years later, different room, using heat this time. Tape up room tight, air vents, remove smoke detector. Use propane heater (you have to do this wisely); study it first. Heater cost $50 on craigslist, propane $14. Don't shell out $2500. Thermometers in the room to confirm we mastered 120 degrees. Pretty quick and painless. We left diatamacous earth on the floor for 2 years, only had about 10 show up this time, all but 3 dead, so keep the place dusted. I wouldn't recommend vacuuming that dust. Breathing it in can't be good for you if it kills bedbugs dead.
—Guest critter hater

getting rid of creatures without pain

Burning sulphur works. I get it from the African shop not far from me. My mother used it all the time when we was in the south.
—Guest catherine

I have a columbian IV

Just stayed up all night at my computor, afraid to fall asleep. Killed 10 bloodsuckers crawling around my bed, check back every few minutes. The carcasses have been hung on the nigtstand with thread. War has been delcared
—Guest kyle

Kill bed bugs

We should never kill bed bugs but put them in hot water for a while.
—Guest silia george

Why me

I was just being nice to my mother in law am her new man , by letting them crash on my couch . Who was to know the dirty guy had these blood sucking monsters! Two months went past and that's when they came out. (They must have to breed first before they go to work.) Now its in my bed an I keep the original plastic on my bed. it seem like it's just me getting ate because, my wife never got bit .. Why it's just me? They want o-neg blood type? Why me
—Guest Mr. Mc

How to find bedbugs and kill them.

They mostly come out at night so that's the best time to hunt for them. Throw all infected spring boxes away. Memory foam has a very low chance of getting infected. Steam clean everything moveable in the whole room. Once you have killed most of them spend the night in an un-infected room. Call a exterminator the next morning. If it is a true emergency, don't wait too long or your house could turn in a bedbugs heaven (for them). Soak the bed frames with scorching hot water. Put the mattress out into 12:00 summer sun. Hope for the best.
—Guest Jokon

Wrap your bed

Used large wide cling-film and wrapped the whole bed with it. Wrap it as much as possible, layers upon layers leaving no uncovered open areas. Leave in hot room, this will dehydrate them and kill them. Cheap, easy and effective for bed affected frames.
—Guest Cool

First Blood !

Got attacked...multiple bites!...They drew first blood...It's war !After reading all posts for over an hour...here's the plan of attack...#1) All bedding,sheets,pillowcases,blankets,Hot water washed twice! Buy new pillows! #2)alcohol/ammonia 80/20 ratio #3 purchase Hot-Air gun #4 purchase small portable steamer #5 After spraying all cracks and crevices...seal baseboards with clear caulking #6 Put ( 2 ) hot-water bladders on heating pads under clean cleared storage area ( one @ each end of the bed)...use small amount of water in bag and set heat range on low. This last step was described in earlier posting along with the double-sided sticky tape...I'm going one step further and adding paper treated glue boards along length underneath bed along baseboard as another line of defense! The bugs are "Nocturnal "...so final assault method of choice for #7 will be "blood sucking rest deprivation"...I have a spare bedroom...I'll use that one and have "Flood lights" ON 24/7 In the DMZ !..HOO-Yahh
—Guest Terminator

kill bed bugs natuarly

we have a huge infestation of bed bugs in South Dakota. WE have been fighting them for several years I live here
—Guest brandy

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