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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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get rid of bugs

I have tried this: i threw my mattress and pillow covers, purchased a few bottles of kerosene, took few plastic bags and stuffed all my clothes and bed sheets and curtains, then sprayed kerosene on all the furniture and every corner of the room then took boiling water and soaked all my clothes, bed sheets and curtains one by one. But if the bugs get inside your sofa cushions, it's impossible to get rid of them so it's better to get rid of the sofa before you star spraying......good luck
—Guest henry

Diatomaceous Earth

We sprinkled DE all around the baseboards, under the bed, on and around the sides of the box spring and on the metal frame of our bed. It took about 2 weeks, but I think we finally got them all. This earth is made up of tiny crushed fossils which basically slice the bodies of the bedbugs, eventually killing them.
—Guest Sue

Been there done that

I had em'. The way I killed them was by spraying alcohol all over the sheets and pillow cases. Bag them up, throw them in the washer on hot, and dry them on hot. While the washing and drying was going on I sprayed my mattress and the base boards around the room. Again everything I sprayed I soaked in alcohol. Waited for everything I sprayed to dry and then vacuumed the entire room and my mattress. As a further precaution I checked my wooden headboard and discovered a few hanging out in there so I threw it away. (I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS AS YOU MAY SPREAD THEM). I vacuumed the straight line that I walked after applying my alcohol method. I applied two way tape to the legs of my bed frame and moved my bed 2inches away from the wall. A couple of days later I did my alcohol and vacuum technique and I haven't seen a bed bug since. Its been about 10 months. Total cost was roughly $25 maybe less. Good Luck
—Guest Chris J

There is a cure

demand A bed bug eradicater is made. DDt worked. In this day and age don't tell me there is nothing they can do that dosn't cost an arm and a leg. Just like cancer. there are treatment s and cures but it is such a money maker that the that are gov. won't do anything about the greed in this county.. These damn bugs have ruined many many vacations
—Guest Irish

Finnish bed bugs

Got them from camp. Student housing put poison everywhere. Threw away my bed, now I sleep on a hammock. Much better. Put all my stuff in the sauna at 90 C. No more bugs. All countries should have sauna!
—Guest L


Had them 1 yr ago and used DE (diametaceous earth), bb covers and alcohol. It worked. Husband removed covers to wash and voila - we got them again. Bought a gallon jug of Hot Shot bedbug killer. Don't know if it will work. Also re-dusted with DE. DON'T THINK THEY ARE GONE after a few weeks! KEEP YOUR MATTRESS COVER ON FOR 2 YEARS after you've seen your last bedbug. I've noticed lots of people mention they had waterbeds and got them. I think that is because the frames have more hidey holes than regular bed frames. PUT FLY PAPER on the legs of your bed. Keep the alcohol spray bottle next to your bed. The DE really works - I use a cheap feather duster and twirl it in the bag, then lightly spread the dust on walls, in dressers, on pictures, between the sheets and mattress cover, on headboard, books, floors, windowsills, baseboards...you get the picture. Oh, dust all of your suitcases, too. We threw away our bed frame - it was chock full of bedbugs. Also, dust every room in the house except kitchen.
—Guest Bugged out


OK, my poor wife was getting murdered by bites every night...we called the pros and it was going to cost about 800 to 1200 bucks to "get rid of them"... SAVE THAT MONEY!!!DO IT YOURSELF!!!! First: go to WalMart and buy anti bed bugs cover bags for your box spring, mattress and pillows; then, empty all your drawers and closet and put clothes in thick plastic bags and cole them tied; then go to Home Depot and buy TWO gallon size containers of FLEA AND BED BUG SPRAY (any brand but HOT SPOT is recommended; DO NOT USE SPRAY OR SMALL SPRAY LIQUID BOTTLES); then buy two cans of ROACH KILLER SPRAY... remove all bedding (mattress and box spring, etc..)leaving space to spray the bed frame; start by using the roach killer and spray the whole room and inside drawers and closets and every corner you can get to including the carpet and then add the flea and bed bug killer in the same manner... it will stink for about 4 or 5 days ... we did not sleep in that bedroom for a while but HAVE NOT SEEN ONE BUG EVER SINCE.
—Guest G.Aguilar

Get rid of bedbugs

Bedbugs hate plastic. Cover your bottom bed in plastic because they can not crawl up plastics. So, they went from your bed to your clothes: I put my clothes in the dryer for 20 minutes and then took them out and cover my clothes with plastic and spray with Bayer Advanced Home Pest plus Germ Killer. Be careful the spray smell very bad. Well, it worked for me. I spray for 7 days continually when I left the house and now they are deceased.
—Guest b.julian

Heat, Heat, Heat

i have a trilevel house so trust me when i say alcohol, caulking cracks, febreez...nothing works, so I went to a tool rental place and rented 3 portable heaters (ask the place and they will know the temperature it will reach) and i closed all the windows, put one on each floor and let them heat for 2 hours. I got an indoor thermometer and kept rechecking the house about every 5-10 minutes for the temp and to make sure my house wasn't on fire (lol). After about a 1/2 hour, the temperature was 130 in the basement and 150 and I kept them running 2 hours more after that. I have found a couple dead ones and haven't had a bite since. I recommend this to everyone! Just keep an eye one your house and remove all aerosol cans!
—Guest missy

Diatamatious earth

The stuff is kool as hell. You put it deep in the carpet, leave for about four hours, make sure its in all cracks lining the wall. Don't get the stuff wet, trust me it stops it from working. It suffocates them and turns them flat.
—Guest oni

good liquid to kill em

Orkin told me that I can do it myself and I did. I used a vacuum with a heppa bag and a solution of 90% isoprophl alcohol and 10 percent water in a spray bottle. douse the little turds and vacuum them up. works like a charm. good luck
—Guest daver


In household doses, DDT is harmless. Birds are most susceptible to reaction rather than humans or other animals.
—Guest Mike

Well I'll be!

My mother told me that during the depression, she killed the bed bugs in her house by waiting until the hottest day of summer and putting on every box stove and cook stove in the place, running the fire all day. I always thought she was putting me on!
—Guest crazzy charlie


Question for Jackie who heated her room to 140*. Where did you get the heater and about how much can I expect to rent one for?
—Guest Hate-M

The Bed Bug

Bed Bugs can live in an empty apartment for up to 9 months without feeding, so you could potentially move into an already infested property, they can also move to an adjoining apartment. Make sure any cracks and crevices are filled with filler to limit the risk of this happening to you!
—Guest The London Bed Bug Company

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