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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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TX leather furniture

Steam, vaccuum, spray alcohol and let it evaporate. Make sure to saturate seams, creases or folds. Repeat every 2 weeks for a couple months. Be sure pets have been treated before allowing on furniture.
—Guest Phrustrated in Phoenix

remedy for bed bugs

Bed bugs needs blood to live, so spread camphor powder on and under the mattress. Because of the strong smell the bedbugs will not bite over the period they will die. It may take 2 or 3 months, but once every 15 days change and add new camphor.
—Guest jayashree


I have been seriously dealing with this issue for about a month now, and TRUST ME, i have done EVERYTHING that i read to do...every chemical, dusts, liquids, traps on the legs of my bed, two face tape around my base boards and bed frame, duct taping every electrical outlet, washing and drying everything on hot hot hot...you name it. Now, thru the info on that website, i have heated my room up to 145 degrees with a portable heater. (Although the website only suggests 113....a little overkill never hurt with these BB bastards, at least it hasn't hurt them all yet, with other methods!!) I am letting it stay at that temp for about 2 hours, and its supposed to kill them DEAD!!! I will repost and let you all know if it was 100% effective!! Other wise, were gonna have a BIG BONFIRE!! I'm soo over BB
—Guest jackie

febreze and bed bugs

After a.few bites and sightings, a guy at work told me to use febreze liberally on EVERYTHING in my apartment. I do this a couple times a week, and haven't had a bite of seen one since.
—Guest Jesse


I live in NYC and have had them twice in less then 2 years (think they are coming from neighbors). Very important if you live in an apartment to seal up ALL cracks with caulk or sealant and dust any holes around radiator even inside outlets. You want to create a barrier as best as possible around your apt.. Also I keep my dirty laundry in a sealed trash bag: preventative ;) Hope this helped someone battling the bugs!
—Guest Miss Starr

bed bug murder

If you see them, rubbing alcohol can kill on contact.
—Guest shirley

Getting Rid of Bedbugs!

Some good tips here. I never thought I'd have bed bugs until a few months ago I found some. I am very allergic to the bites and for the first time in my life, I was hating living in my own house. I wasn't going to be living my life in fear and so I decided to fight back. I was itching constantly and becoming a basket case for my husband to live with. I researched and found Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. You can get it for under 20 bucks on Amazon.com and a 3-5 lb bag should last at least a few months. I put it on the perimeter of my bed, got a protective liner for my bed that is sheet quality and not vinyl, put it inside of my couch and under the perimeter of my couch and it works very well! Much better than anything else. It keeps them away for at least a few weeks if you do it thoroughly. Your house may be quite dusty and just pretend like it's carpet fresh! You will be sleeping so much better. It must be redone every couple of weeks, though. It's important.
—Guest Bedbug Annihilator


Use Temprid, works on contact and residually. May cost a bit but worth it. By far the best stuff for bedbugs.
—Guest NO

Living in constant hell

I've been living in this apartment for more than five years. Al of a sudden they're here. It seems to me that they were covered with paint. The previous tenants moved and the owners just covered them over with a spray killer of some kind then painted. They are coming out of the ceiling popcorn paint. Can I sue the owners for this? I'm living in constant hell every night.
—Guest JAMES

how to get rid of bed bugs

Heat the room they are in to 140 degrees. They will die. Repeat in all rooms you have furniture and they will be dead. Also, to stop itching use calamine lotion on the bites it works.

Cheap and Easy

I'm a medical assistant. I had a bed bug problem. My 88 year old grandma told me to use roach & ant killer. I was looking @ her like she was crazy. Her idea was if it kills big bugs it will kill little one too. Whats so funny is it worked. I sprayed the bed first then wrapped it in a cheap bed cover (vinyl) taped up the zipper part, the sprayed the whole house repeating the bed trick. washed all my stuff, used a carpet cleaner on the floors and living room suite. 2 months later bed bug free. I still spray 2 times a week. all i spent was 45.00 for roach spray, bed covers, and i own a carpet cleaner. I'm happy I listened to my grandmother.
—Guest Guest Bed bug killer

get em 2

If you choose heat methods, be smart. Refrigerate make up, perfumes and lotions. Remove chemicals from the home. All of these things can be done for $100 in a 5 bedroom house. I recommend using a laundry to wash and dry all clothes at once and this is def an added cost. Do not use the diatemaceous earth with the insecticide in it. The cloud will make you sick and the insecticide does not work on the bugs. Use only food grade DE. DE will not harm wood floors. Any items that can be washed in Dawn and dried should be. Items that can't take heat or be washed? Wrap in plastic and put in chest freezer x5 days. Good luck!! P.S. They will hide in electronics (which need to be carefully tended during these processes).
—Guest tc

get em

Spray bugs you see with Ginesis enzyme spray or Dawn and water (50/50). Bag clothing and bedding. Don't put open knots at the top of bags; tie them airtight. Spray Ginesis or high proof alcohol in all cracks and baseboards. Wrap all furniture in plastic painters tarps or shrink wrap, shake in diatomaceous earth (should see a dust cloud in the plastic) and seal with tape. If you live in a hot climate these things can be left in a hot car/van with windows up for a couple days. Same with clothes/ linens or wash and dry fabrics with high heat. All clean fabrics should be double bagged. Again, if it is very hot outside you can shut up the house, open blinds and shutters, turn the heat all the way up and scatter DE every where--be careful as the cloud will affect you--coughing etc. Leave for 1-2 days. Return to house, vacuum all carpets and furniture well, fresh coat of DE on matress and cover. Use a carpet steamer on all carpets and fabric furniture if you wish. Use deep reach foggers now.
—Guest tc

trying these things.. maybe more

For a few months, my "other" was complaining of flea bites.. we have two dogs and one cat... he refused to sleep in bed.. i was dine, never bitten. well now is gone and i have been noticing these bugs. wasnt sure what they were.. seen them for a couple weeks now. I looked it up on internet and it is bed bugs. i broke into tears.. i just found out today. I CAN NOT afford to hire someone. I went to hardware store and bout cedar oil.. off spray. the deep woods kind.. cedar chips.. bed bug spray.. put all this in my house today. i turned my oven on 300 and left the door open along with two space heaters running on high.... i am at work. mother is checking to make sure i dont burn the house down. lol.. i heard they hate cedar and OFF deep wood. thinking of baby oil and jelly and ammonia, bleach, vinegar, alcohol.. HEAT!!!! I have no idea how they got into my house. got a new "used" couchand a new "used " mattress. i will let you know if it works!!! any new info please tell me
—Guest lanj

bed bug juice

Exit your room. Obtain 3-4 rat trap glue sheets, cut carefully and glue together. Pierce your pore, fresh blood or other dead squashed bugs in between . . . Leave and monitor over night or over couple nights. You will find the sneaky buggerz! Nice way to spend weekend, happy bug hunting
—Guest blood sucker

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