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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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None of these things work-part 1

You cannot completely get rid of bedbugs without a professional. DO NOT buy any product over the counter that says they kill bedbugs!! The only thing these products do is make them more resistant to the professional chemicals available, of which at this time there are only about 4 chemicals available. You can spray a bedbug with Isopropyl alcohol (get the strongest percentage you can find) but that will not eliminate the infestation. The professionals use three chemical applications that work together. One of them is a growth inhibitor which will sterilize the bugs and prevent them from laying eggs and reproducing. One is a residual treatment that will kill any that do hatch. They must be applied by a professional. What you can buy at any hardware store is only about 50% of what the professionals can use. You need an very extensive initial treatment followed by at least 3-6 monthly follow up treatments to successfully eliminate the infestation. NO pest control company can warranty.
—Guest Heidi


IF it is said, sorry. You can kill by using a medicine found in stores, which kills humans too. So you have to leave home for 2 weeks.... The procedure is simple, take plastic plates, put some pills in plate according to room size, and leave home. After 2 weeks, you can see powder instead of pills. Also All House fly, mosquito, ants, etc will die. Caution: It will kill all living thing, so be careful, read the manufactures instruction thoroughly.
—Guest Muha

Let the dog get bit!

We have got Front Line on our dog and I know it kills ticks and fleas when they bite the dog. So I'm thinking I'm going to treat her and let her sleep on the bed.
—Guest Gavin

Guest to all

This is how I solved my bed bug problem. I threw out every thing where I saw bed bugs. Once every infected piece was out of my apt. I tied every piece of clothes that I had in my dressers, linens and clothes closet in a tightly tied bag and only kept a few pieces out to wear daily. Tied bed linen in bag until next bed time. Now my mind was clear on focusing on where to search. I went to home depot and look for bedbugs spray. I find it under Bed Bug & Fleas by Hot Shot. I decided to buy a gallon, cost only $9.99 I did not know how much I would need to kill these unwanted, living rent free pests. It wasn't until wee hours in the morning before I could really see how many I had. So when I got my first bite, I grabbed my bedbug spray and became like "Rambo". Within seconds they died. You can see them dead right before your eyes. I continue spraying even when I didn't see them. Now I haven't been bitten in months. Thanks to God for leading me to home depot.

Terrorized by bed buggiez?

I used Clorox Clean up and sprayed the heck out of them; they die almost instantly! Then, removed my bed completely from the house, vacuumed, repeat with Clorox Clean Up again. Listen to my little adventure from bug hell- 3 trips to the ER, 3 different wrong diagnosis...1. Fleas 2. Allergic to Laundry detergent 3. Scabies. All 3 times I was told to strip my bedding and wash all of my washables in HOT HOT HOT water and dry on HIGH HEAT, never saw any bugs. When diagnosed with scabies, I was instructed to spray all furniture and beds with Lysol Disinfectant Spray, making sure to spray entire mattress/boxspring with Lysol. Ok, so, I begin spraying Lysol & these funky cockroach lookin things start movin around on my mattress (the seams that outline the mattress and between the boxspring...OMG i FREAKED OUT! I KNOW I AM SPRAYIN THE HELL OUT OF THEM N THEY ARENT DYIN! So, I grabbed the Clorox Clean Up and fired at will. THOSE SOBS WERE LIFE-LESS IN SECONDS! TERMINEX ARRIVES IN MORNING
—Guest terrorized

pyrethrum (from poppies)

I used pyrethrum based crawling insect/ant killer ..in powder and spray form.. all nooks crannies along the edge of standing furniture seams of matresses/inside drawers of divan base light switches sockets/anywhere dark...and tumble dry on highest heat sheets.duvets etc moving those in sealed bags..yes repeat every two weeks for about 2 months.(same treatment works for cockcroaches by the way. Oh! picked up from any seats where you sit for long periods...train plane car seats and sofas/settees where you watch TV. Very hot steam also works on bed bugs but of course doesn't have a residual effect. and getting rid of the matress helps they are so deep its hard to reach the little blighters (i read they can crawl through the weave of textiles)
—Guest jim

Contol bed bugs

I'm sad to hear bedbugs returned in such numbers. As a kid in 1945 we had bedbugs when moving to a new farm house. The previous owner used to burn SULFUR and it did work but never eliminated them completely till a miracle chemical came into being D D T. It eliminated the bedbug completely. Problem was residual effect once it was applied would remain for years, i don't know what its formula was but could it not be changed to eliminate the residual effect and be used for many things? I'm wandering about freezing when returning from a vacation. Could you not leave your luggage and cloths outside in winter and freeze the critters or pack in a freezer to kill them? Back to suffer: when burning it you had to abandon the house for over a day, smell was terrible rotten egg smell. Good luck everyone.

a pinch

At night if your not asleep, if you feel a pinch somewhere on your body, then most likey a bedbug is biting you.
—Guest james

Get Out

The only true way to get rid of them is to move out and get rid of everything. Yes, everything. Start over and skip the thousands you'll spend exterminating.
—Guest jay

Kill bed bugs

It is simple, just place dried "Kharkhi" bush twigs and leaves on the bottom and top of your naked mattress and leave it on for two days. You'll never see another bad bug again!!!
—Guest Vienna Harmse


Use orange spray cleaner. The citrus in it kills them, plus roaches and fleas, with no problem and fast.
—Guest works

Never leave home without eucalyptus oil

I was in backpacker accommodation at Rodondo Beach and we had them. I just put eucalyptus oil in the bed and on myself the night before and they left me alone and attacked everyone else especially the guy in the bunk below me. Put it in every bed you sleep in when travelling.
—Guest james from oz

preventing bed bugs

One easy way to prevent bed bugs, is to make sure you're sleeping on a latex mattress . Bed bugs like warm, damp places. Latex mattresses don't retain moisture the way regular cotton mattresses do.

Killing Bed Bugs on Linens Only

I used bleach and scalding HOT HOT HOT water in the washing machine...seems to work on linens. You can even wash and dry Down Blankets and comforters. Extreme Heat is the key...
—Guest Jenn

Use cat litter!

Hello, I grind cat litter, containing silica, to a very fine powder using a coffee grinder and sprinkle over furniture and carpets. The bugs just need to walk across the powder and they will die! Where I have caught bugs and placed in a tin with the powder I find that all bugs are dead within 12 hours. I have noticed that their spiracles become blocked very quickly, leading to suffocation. After applying the powder to remain over night on carpets that can be vacuumed the next day. I leave the powder in the crevices around a bed and in the piping of the mattress. The bed bugs do not return to the bed! If you have a repeat infestation and the powder remains around the bed the bugs will go to the highest point possible e.g the top of any curtains in the vicinity of the bed. To assist in observing for reinfestation I have put decorative curtains beside my childrens' beds. I then look for the tell-tale blood spots on a regular basis. Hope this helps.
—Guest Tom

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