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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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Just a Whiff

If you can find a sulfur candle, stuff all holes and openings where air can escape and light the candle. Do not stay in the house with it. If that doesn't kill them nothing will.
—Guest Mrs. A.


Install a light under your bed! The critters nocturnal nature will send them elsewhere after dark. Get a simple fixture that will hold a standard low wattage compact flourescent... leave it on all the time. In addition the glow around your bunk is rather pleasant and will impart a pyschological sense of well being. Beyond the comic, ridiculous and poor spelling ahead ARE some additional simple measures that make sense. I like the petroleum jelly on the bed legs and the double faced tape "surround" on the inside of the bed frame. In the later case, get a big roll of foam tape from firms that serve the sign industry. Simple to apply and holds its tack for ages. (And a lot cheaper in volume than the similar product sold in hardware stores in small quantities. 91% rubbing alcohol sprayed to kill existing.. And here is another new thought. SEAL your wood floors with a polymer based floor finish. I like Quick Shine from Holloway House. Its like a plastic film over the cracks.
—Guest TerryRay

Bedbug RFC

I’m a single guy without pets that got bedbugs from my ex-wife while she was visiting. Better than herpes, I think. LOL! I looked up that bedbugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide from our breath. I am thinking about sealing my bedroom door, getting about 20 pounds of dry ice in a cooler, and suffocating the bastards. Yes, I know that I need to turn off the fans and seal the vents too. Does anybody think this might work?
—Guest James

lots of tape

I had a beautiful wood bed and since they love wood got rid of the bed and got a metal bed with new mattress and pillows. Kept the wrapping for the mattress so that those bug can't get in it. Put on a regular bedsheet so its easier to sleep in and use double sided tapes all around the sides and make sure to make at least 2 lines wide so that the will be stuck on the tape if they want to bit you. Also put some of the same tape around each leg of the bed and put a small plastic cups on each foot of the bed and add some alcohol to drown them. Make sure when u climb on the bed, make sure to wipe the bottom feet and only were the clothes that are left on the bed as no bugs can't pass those tape and plastic. I changed the bed sheets every few days as the tape will loose the stickiness or if u have a lot of bugs stuck on it. Just keep an eye on the tape to keep track on those bugs so that when there aren't any u are in the clear!
—Guest TL

need advice

i found a bedbug in my couch for the first time and didnt know what it was and then the next night found 2 in my daughters blanket.. then did research and found out it was bedbugs so i checked my mattress and there was only one in the mattress then went into my daughters room and checked her bed and none in the mattress but 2 and a nest inside the seam of the sheets... that night (saturday) we threw away ALL our mattresses thn sunday we found another lil nest of babies in the seam of our couch so by 10pm that night we got rid of our couches... we sprayed hot shot in all the cracks and crevises of our entire apartment had terminix come out for free inspection and he said in his professional opinion we dont have any bed bugs.. 2 days later after we bombed all the rooms anyway we found another one in the crack of the baseboard in my daughters closet what should i do? does anyone think that i just have a mild case of them? i havent seen ANY or had any bites.. what should i do?

commercial bug bombs & exterminator

We brought the pests home with us after a motel stay. I bought 3 raid bug bombs to set off in the house. The next week I had an exterminator do a professional job. That with laundering everything seemed to do the job. My advice would be to pay extra for a top-of-the-line hotel. I stopped at a bargain place because I had been driving for 14 hours. In the next few weeks I paid more than I had saved. (Ed note: Thanks for the advice! As an fyi to all, the data shows that the quality level of a hotel doesn't matter insofar as bedbug infestation possibility and, in fact, (inherently cheap) hostels are among the lest bedbug-ridden lodgings around because hostel owners (generally) have never pretended bedbugs weren't a possibility and have *always* taken steps accordingly -- see: http://studenttravel.about.com/od/healthystudentholidays/a/bedbugs.htm for interesting thoughts from bedbug pros on this.
—Guest tinasman

How to Kill Bed Bugs

I found this very easy and quick way to kill bed bugs: Alcohol 70 proof or higher. I did this at home and wow, Works!. Your house wont smell bad at all but at the contrary will smell clean. Spray all over the house abundantly; they die quickly and there is not way they can scape; alcohol is liquid and it penetrates anywhere, cracks, wholes, etc, etc. I bet nobody though of this before :) Good Luck!
—Guest Majawar

Plan A, B,C,D,E,F, etc

I'm not quite ready to throw everything out, but have considered burning down house. I've read that cockroaches eat bed bugs. Trying Pine oil today. Diatamaceous powder seems to help but not completely effective. Squeezing blood out of new bites seems to help remove venom and cut healing time. Have ordered a bed bug kit. Have heard that kerosene helps. When winter comes, I plan to freeze whole house if still fighting them. I put night clothes into freezer when not wearing them. Night clothes have elastic openings. Two layers of clothes needed.....they can bite through one layer of fabric. I may try the burning sulfer method. I may try anything. Cheers, mr Bill
—Guest still trying


The bedbugs have come back because a certain spray that was used in the 30's 40's 50's 60's and 70's was used I think it is call DDT? Not sure...anyway it was outlawed because a certain women (don't remember her name and don't care too (she was so proud) said all this is going to kill us sooooooo what happed? law outlawed it and we ARE SUFFERING...thru it...I would RATHER SNIFF THAT than go thru another night of NO SLEEP THAT WOULD KILL ME FIRST Thank you Victoria
—Guest VIKKI

Got Rid of the Bugs with Perseverence

We got rid of the bed bugs by steam, exterminator strength pesticide (retail pest control store mixed up formula for us.) Put petroleum jelly along all the light switches, cracks, and doorway to room that was most infested, threw away mattress, and wood frame (they love wood and cracks in wood), we took everything outside (Arizona heat) and baked it in the sun. My son had a million little legos which we soaked in clorox solution and put in the sun. We washed and super dryed all bedding. Went into the room at night with a flash light and looked for activity for a month and sprayed. Every piece of furniture was turned over and sprayed with pesticide and I would find two little lover bed bugs trying to escape to another room and squish the things to death. It took 6 months and we are rid of the bugs, but I had nightmares, and was always jumping out of bed and turning on the flashlight to see if I could catch them. I still look when my children sleep over, or hotel stay, no luggage.
—Guest Marge

this sometimes works

vacuum and thoroughly spray room; wash all clothes with hot water and dry in dryer. spray the heck out of the bare mattress with strong bug spray and then cover it right up with a tightly fitting plastic cover. set off a bug bomb and seal the door. leave the room empty for a couple of days. i did not ever see another bedbug.
—Guest junie


CLUTTER must go... The less clutter, the less places the little @#%!^$ have to hang out. NO OLD SWEATERS OR UNUSED ARTS AND CRAFTS SUPPLIES UNDER THE BED - KEEP IT TOTALLY CLEAN UNDER THERE, AND EVERYWHERE, FOR THAT MATTER. If you get bugs and buy a bug-proof mattress cover as a result, the cover will do you little good if the unwanted guests have someplace to hide that is near to you (like ANY cluttered space in the bedroom OR THE ENTIRE HOUSE/APARTMENT). Reducing your useless possessions is the ONLY WAY to stay bug-free after a SERIOUS heat treatment, which is the only thing that has worked for me (FORGET chemical treatments, professional or otherwise). Been bug-free for three years. I will not divulge my self-applied (and invented) heat treatment, because I put both myself and (ashamed to say) my neighbors at great risk when I applied it. I understand that there are now professionals that use this method of extermination - CALL THEM! And remember... GET RID OF THE CLUTTER!

attack of the bugs!

my first place and they came (bedbugs) i was hoovering the mattress and washed everything and tumble dried every thing. then i made a solution up of vinegar and water. use a spray bottle and use 3/4 vinegar and 1/4 hot water spray the bugs they stand up and go skinny then vacuum the area when done. repeat this every other day for a week to 2 weeks depending on how bad. x
—Guest a owen

Use heat with caution

I heated my house up with a propane heater to 126 F. I held the temp until I got interntal temps of 115+ in mattresses + furniture + walls. 115F for 7 minutes will kill all including eggs. 5 weeks now and no sign of them. before you try this, think it through, you could burn your house down, explode aerosol cans, set off ammunition etc. Do at your own risk or hire a professional. Renters: You landlord is most likely responsible for the costs to remediate.
—Guest Crispy Critters


You don't need to kill the bed bugs...just stop them biting you. Bed bugs can run (and fast) but they cannot jump or swim. simply nuke the bed, mattress, bedframe etc with your lethal chemical of choice. then place the legs of the bed in bowls of water. make sure nothing is connecting to the wall or floor. and you should be bite free!!
—Guest be smart

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