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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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More Misinformation by Pest Controllers

Again you can read the PCO's talking up the need for 'professional' help. One contributor even going as far as to sat that organophosphates were ineffective in killing bed bugs....read this quote: "Active ingredients approved for use against bed bugs in the UK under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (COPR) are the following organophosphates: chlorpyrifos methyl, diazinon, fenitrothion, iodofenphos, pirimiphos-methyl and trichlorfon; and carbamates, bendiocarb and propoxur. These groups of chemicals act as nerve poisons which kill by inhibiting the nerve enzymne cholinesterase which disrupts the nervous system." For YEARS organophosphates were THE most effective choice in killing bedbugs...they still work but indeed they have been banned now in the developed world for residential pest control (though strangely not Australia). Again. if organophosphates such as DIAZINON are unavailable where you live then a mixture of 80% Isopropyl Alcohol and 20% Ammonia solution will kill (continued above)
—Guest Contradora

how to kill bed bugs

Someone told me boric acid kills bed bugs, most pharmacies do not stock it: you can order it and it will usually get there in two days. Simply sprinkle some boric acid on your mattress and the bed frame as well as carpet, KEEP ANIMALS AWAY! Do this 3 or 4 times a week and the suckers will die, worked for me. A bottle of it is relatively cheap; under 20.00. Give it a shot .

Killing Bedbugs

My son came home from college with these annoying bugs. & by the time we knew we had them, my youngest son had been bitten like it was a feast. I submerged the entire bed frame in boiling water in the bathtub, then I took the mattresses outside in the blazing sun, & covered them with a zipped plastic cover. I also sprayed the strays with a bottle of rubbing alcohol, it worked. I also put vaseline on the legs of the beds, & the baseboards. I turned off my heat off when it was 40 degrees, and closed the bedroom door. Then 1 night, in a hole where a screw was, my son noticed a straggler. That morning we dismantled all of our sons wooden frame beds and trashed them, never saw another one after that, until a student came over to study, and one was on his hat, but I killed it. Three years later, this week, my son came home from school with a bedbug on his pants. The elementary school is infested again; and according to the news, the entire tri-state area is.
—Guest Jan

eradicating bed bugs

Bed bugs can't stand sun light and diesel (oil).
—Guest Steven


They come out not only at night; these vampires put me in the hospital. The paradise home sits in the water, view beautiful. Sprays are against regulations; day and night they clung to me, shells in ears; eggs; juice in ears. I was at the computer desk and they chased me. Diametrous earth will kill them. A nurse at the hospital had them and gave me tips. You can spray base boards with hair spray, i used craft acrylic. Kitchen sink around made paste with dirt, acrylic, oil of any kind, furniture polish (don't wipe). Make an outline of dirt where they crawl, dries them. Infestation never bomb blows them every where, an exterminator did this after 1 yr. of my life containing them. Have pro's spray your car, last 45 days kills eggs, new ones; it works. I am now living in hotel, lost all, 5 months still infected. They do make you sick, where ever that bug has been it's like sex: you're being bit with whatever the vampires has been.

Eliminate clutter and be persistent

Use bug bomb and eliminate clutters form your home. Use baking soda, spread in carpet, around base boards nd dust mattress. It works!
—Guest Frazzle


I have been reading some of the posts listed here, and i have to confess i could not read all of them. Something that bothers me. Yes, I am a Licensed PCO, but I can relate to a lot of the comments were made about how we try to gauge clients. I do want to make money and pay bills but also would like to do it as honestly as possible. Having said this, I would still urge people to at least talk to private own companies that CAN handle bed bugs instead of trying to do it yourself. Reason for this is endless. As an example, I read where someone mentioned using organophosphates to kill bed bugs overseas. This has got to be extremely alarming since organophosphates are chemicals I would not want in my house period. Anything with this has such a warning label, that anyone using them is insane. Furthermore, organophosphates, as lethal as they are to humans, are the poorest choice to eradicate bed bugs because of the mode of kill action. I would also like to point out that there are hardly an
—Guest ftech

Anti Bed Bug laundry bags & luggage line

Stop bedbugs from coming home with you. I would recommend getting a luggage liner to fit in your backpack or suitcase in order to encase your clothing and protect them. You then leave your suitcase out of the house for a few days and wash and dry your clothing straight away
—Guest guest

hire a professional

Put linens/clothing in dryer on highest heat for 20 mins., then wash and dry again on high. This will kill eggs and some bedbugs. Heat remediation (by a professional) is expensive but great at a one time treatment. All things posted are not recommended. The only way is thru professional pest management! Bedbugs can go dormant for 6-12 months between feedings, so you may think they are gone but they really aren't and WILL return! Get zippered mattress AND box spring covers for your mattresses and make sure if they get a rip, you replace them immediately! There is NO chemical free way to kill these vampire bugs! Please hire a professional before the problem becomes an epidemic, as it is already spreading so badly. Do not buy used furniture, mattresses, books etc. Also beware of furniture rental companies! If you buy a new mattress, don't have it delivered, pick it up yourself! Careful of using rental trucks to move as well! I work for a pest co and know what I am talking about!
—Guest heidi

None of these things work-part 1

You cannot completely get rid of bedbugs without a professional. DO NOT buy any product over the counter that says they kill bedbugs!! The only thing these products do is make them more resistant to the professional chemicals available, of which at this time there are only about 4 chemicals available. You can spray a bedbug with Isopropyl alcohol (get the strongest percentage you can find) but that will not eliminate the infestation. The professionals use three chemical applications that work together. One of them is a growth inhibitor which will sterilize the bugs and prevent them from laying eggs and reproducing. One is a residual treatment that will kill any that do hatch. They must be applied by a professional. What you can buy at any hardware store is only about 50% of what the professionals can use. You need an very extensive initial treatment followed by at least 3-6 monthly follow up treatments to successfully eliminate the infestation. NO pest control company can warranty.
—Guest Heidi


IF it is said, sorry. You can kill by using a medicine found in stores, which kills humans too. So you have to leave home for 2 weeks.... The procedure is simple, take plastic plates, put some pills in plate according to room size, and leave home. After 2 weeks, you can see powder instead of pills. Also All House fly, mosquito, ants, etc will die. Caution: It will kill all living thing, so be careful, read the manufactures instruction thoroughly.
—Guest Muha

Let the dog get bit!

We have got Front Line on our dog and I know it kills ticks and fleas when they bite the dog. So I'm thinking I'm going to treat her and let her sleep on the bed.
—Guest Gavin

Guest to all

This is how I solved my bed bug problem. I threw out every thing where I saw bed bugs. Once every infected piece was out of my apt. I tied every piece of clothes that I had in my dressers, linens and clothes closet in a tightly tied bag and only kept a few pieces out to wear daily. Tied bed linen in bag until next bed time. Now my mind was clear on focusing on where to search. I went to home depot and look for bedbugs spray. I find it under Bed Bug & Fleas by Hot Shot. I decided to buy a gallon, cost only $9.99 I did not know how much I would need to kill these unwanted, living rent free pests. It wasn't until wee hours in the morning before I could really see how many I had. So when I got my first bite, I grabbed my bedbug spray and became like "Rambo". Within seconds they died. You can see them dead right before your eyes. I continue spraying even when I didn't see them. Now I haven't been bitten in months. Thanks to God for leading me to home depot.

Terrorized by bed buggiez?

I used Clorox Clean up and sprayed the heck out of them; they die almost instantly! Then, removed my bed completely from the house, vacuumed, repeat with Clorox Clean Up again. Listen to my little adventure from bug hell- 3 trips to the ER, 3 different wrong diagnosis...1. Fleas 2. Allergic to Laundry detergent 3. Scabies. All 3 times I was told to strip my bedding and wash all of my washables in HOT HOT HOT water and dry on HIGH HEAT, never saw any bugs. When diagnosed with scabies, I was instructed to spray all furniture and beds with Lysol Disinfectant Spray, making sure to spray entire mattress/boxspring with Lysol. Ok, so, I begin spraying Lysol & these funky cockroach lookin things start movin around on my mattress (the seams that outline the mattress and between the boxspring...OMG i FREAKED OUT! I KNOW I AM SPRAYIN THE HELL OUT OF THEM N THEY ARENT DYIN! So, I grabbed the Clorox Clean Up and fired at will. THOSE SOBS WERE LIFE-LESS IN SECONDS! TERMINEX ARRIVES IN MORNING
—Guest terrorized

pyrethrum (from poppies)

I used pyrethrum based crawling insect/ant killer ..in powder and spray form.. all nooks crannies along the edge of standing furniture seams of matresses/inside drawers of divan base light switches sockets/anywhere dark...and tumble dry on highest heat sheets.duvets etc moving those in sealed bags..yes repeat every two weeks for about 2 months.(same treatment works for cockcroaches by the way. Oh! picked up from any seats where you sit for long periods...train plane car seats and sofas/settees where you watch TV. Very hot steam also works on bed bugs but of course doesn't have a residual effect. and getting rid of the matress helps they are so deep its hard to reach the little blighters (i read they can crawl through the weave of textiles)
—Guest jim

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