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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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heat, cold, and Bengal Roach spray

My previous apartment building was infested (several travelers), and I learned about bed bugs after moving, meaning I moved the critters with me. The new location had sub-freezing temperatures for a couple of weeks, so all of the mattresses stayed outside for two weeks and I slept on an air mattress. I changed the mattress pad, sheets, pillow, pillow cover, and blankets every night for a month straight, going straight to the washing machine from the bed, washing them in hot water and drying on high heat. Anything not washed went outside in the sub-freezing temperatures overnight. The incubation period is 10 days, so for complete eradication you must follow any process for at least 30 days straight. Oh, I also vacuumed as much as I could stand to vacuum, treating the carpet with flea powder and the baseboards with boric acid. In my high-traffic areas I spray Bengal Roach spray frequently. The carpet under the air mattress gets a regular vacuum as well. Persistence is paying dividends.
—Guest Woody

Little Buggers

Before I go to bed at night and after I wake up in the morning I get a small flashlight such as a mini mag light to look in the bed seams and stitching on the mattress as well as along the bed frame. I am usually successful in finding these bugs with this method. Then I either spray them with Pronto brand bedbug and dust mite killer (available at Ralphs or Kroger) or burn them with a miniature torch. Sometimes, they splat into a drop of blood when I am trying to pick them up, so no need to do anything else to kill them. Also, they aren't always as elusive as one might think. I have found these reddish brown insects stuck to my white wall right next to my bed at eye level so they can (at times) be easily spotted and caught. I also sprayed my mattress and bed frame with Raid Max roach poison and with the Pronto bedbug killer. As a result, I have found dead bedbugs along the bed frame during my flashlight searches for live ones.
—Guest David

Experiment is on

Thanks for all the tips, I understand that they can live upto a year without without a feed of blood. I have used bed bug pesticide which I got from the DIY store. I have painted up the walls and varnished all my furniture. I still have come across few more. I shall experiment with spraying bleach. Btw, one advice my mom gave me - never squash the bed bug, it's blood can cause more to grow. Just put any of those you come across into any oil (I use cooking oil in a bowl as the grave for these bugs).
—Guest Devi

They hate fumes!

Spray your mattresses with pure bleach, incase them, vacuum, steam everything, put bedding and clothes in the dryer. Bomb the hole house two cans a room. This will irritate them, after an hour, come back and mix bleach and immonia together in a pot. Leave for 4 hrs. The mixure will kill what's left. This was a Marine trick I learned at Camp Lejuene.
—Guest Tasha

No Professional need to reply

You don't need a professional to kill them, it takes time and effort to find them. When you do use RAID Ant/Roach no scent. Look in dark places,They don't like light(use a flashlight). Take the head board off the frame of the bed, use the flashlight to look under the head board,frame,nightstand,wherever its dark. Be on the look out for droppings and white eggs, (squish the eggs or your effort will be in vain) You have to think like them and you will find them. Sparenly spray them, they will die. Every couple of weeks repeat step one (unless you see them before then)
—Guest Unprofessional

not correct information

Orkid HAS NOT exterminated the bloody creatures in 48 states. I live in Rochester, NY and the bed bugs are here and they are here with a vengenance.
—Guest shorty

furniture legs in cups of alcohol

Place plastic cups or bowls under the legs of the bed/furniture as a barrier between the floor and bed. Pour 91% rubbing alcohol into each cup. Refill after about a week or so of evaporation. Also, spread Vaseline around each leg above the cups as backup. Also, for any unused blankets in the home, suffocate the bugs by storing in vacuum seal storage bags.
—Guest chinchawar

So pissed..

These things are attacking everything.. I feel as all the furniture must go and start from scratch these lil shiesh desturbers hit me, my son women I bring home! I need a remedy fast that works cause it's just despickable!! If anyone has any suggestions on how to remove them cheap and effectively your my friend forever!! My email is gster2007@yahoo thank u
—Guest Gster bige

Mattress Encasements

I just put a bunch of mattress and box spring covers from http://www.bedbug.com on all my stuff and so far I've been bedbug free in an infested apt complex in Cincinnati. Whats thats phrase, prevention is worth an ounce of cure - yah, or $1,000's of dollars in my case..
—Guest Theo

tea tree oil and eucalytus oil

do a 50% mix of oil and 50% mix of rubbing achol. The whole house will smell like vicks but it works! and it gets rid of a plugged up nose! (only use the good essential oil stuff though)
—Guest dawn

How to Properly Kill Bed Bugs!

It seems as though alot of poeple are unaware of how to kill bed bugs! I hope everyone will read this information and completely understand what they are dealing with. Beg Bugs are very easy to bring home with you but very hard to get rid of. Bed bugs can survive extreme weather conditions. We pick them up in local spots such as bus stations, hotels, airplanes, to name a few! To properly get rid of them you must call a Pest Control company to come in and clean your home, you must also (depending on the severity) of the infestations, throw out such items as a mattress, sofa, love seat, etc. The items that can't be washed must be thrown out. Make sure you damage them before you throw out so that no one else picks up the used pieces of furniture. Secondly, when you purchase a new mattress, make sure to purchase an encasement that is fully bed bug entry proof, as well as waterproof and breathable, Protect-A-Bed Aller-Zip, I highly recommmend. Get repeat visits from Pest Control co's.

hopefully gone

I have had many sleepless nights on the prowl for these creatures that i would not wish on my enemy. A spray called eliminator is awesome along with vaccuming and steaming.hopefully now i can get some sleep. Oh, I also have to nurse my bites.
—Guest frustrated in PA

Cedar doesn't work

My apt. complex sprayed this cedar natural pesticide, and it only irritated them and they bit me giving me an allergic reaction, and I got HIVES! I had hives all over my back, arms, and elbows. Even on my face. Use real pesticide!!!
—Guest Kari

how to kill bed bugs

a portable cloth steamer works steam all cracks and furniture walmart carries steamer for 30 dollars a good investment
—Guest maggie

Hair dryer

Get your hair dryer and get all in between your bed or couch and get it as hot as you can and they will come out and die if you have awsom you can get from the dollar store then you can spray that also.
—Guest hotmama3454

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