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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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During the depression in the 30's bed bugs were abundant carried by people moving thru the country. They burned sulphur, left the house closed up over night, then aired it out. We moved a lot so my parents always burned sulphur several times before we ever moved in. Lavender supposedly works. Don't know for sure.
—Guest Selbie


Want to get rid of bed bugs or kill them while you travel? Spray floors, beds, furniture, everything with rubbing alcohol. Use a hand spray bottle. Wash the floors, walls and dry your clothes on high heat. Get rid of any carpet you can and spray with Isopropyl alchohol. Don't have any open flames around when you do this and close the windows and doors so the evaporating alchohol will saturate the air, the alchohol in the air seems to kill them too. Then leave until all the alchohol has evaporated then wash the floors again. This will control them and bring the population down. If you have bites on you legs spray them before you go to bed, it stings a bit but better than bites and scars. Do this and wash the floors and walls regularly for a few weeks. This can prevent them from setting up in your home and living in the walls, although this technique seems to work there too. Try it if you are traveling or returning from travel and are concerned about bedbugs hitching a ride. It works
—Guest len


50 yrs ago my mom bought a mattress & springs from people moving away. It had bedbugs. I told her & she said she would tell my dad. She didn't because she did not want to admit she made a bad deal. After being eaten alive for 3 months I told him & he said he would get rid of them. He stripped the bed & then he got a 1lb metal coffee can & put a large yellow lump in it. He told me to take paper bags & seal whatever I wanted inside to protect it & to get towels for the door. He then lit the yellow lump which was a large lump of pure sulfur. He put it under the bed. It gave off noxious fumes and we left & sealed the door. I went to a friend's house & 6 or 7 hrs. later, when I came home, the fumes were all gone. The bedbugs were all dead. I was not bitten again and we kept the mattress because we could not afford another one. That was the only time there was an infestation in my house in my whole life. The fumes of pure sulfur kill bedbugs.
—Guest cldubarry

Guaranteed solution to rid bedbugs

Pour gas all though your house. Don't take anything with you. Walk out the door and throw a lit road flare into the house. Then just walk away. It is cheaper to build a new house and life than to try to rid your house of bedbugs. The pesticides that the professionals use now don't get rid of them totally. Just when you think they are all gone you start getting bites again and the whole cycle and expense starts over. Unless DDT or Diazinon are approved to get rid of the bedbug infestations, they are here to stay. I would rather burn my house to the ground and build another one than to try to defeat the bedbugs. Heat and lots of it are the only thing left that will kill the blood suckers. Will they get on your nerves, cause you great anxiety and take over your life? YES they will. They will drive you crazy and then some because they just keep coming back for more of your blood and they keep reproducing. If you miss killing just a male and a female, they reproduce overnight.
—Guest Teddybear

another way to avoid

get sum shrink wrap and wrap up your mattress as best as you can, they won't be able to hide in your bed anymore. also painting your walls and or furniture isn't a bad idea. also double sided tape is good, add some to the legs of all your beds; that way they don't climb up. be on the look out for tiny black dots on walls furniture sheets and even paper those are eggs and most likely where the nests are.
—Guest cris dorian

stuned, frighten

spraying carpets and furniture or directly with a combination of alcohol and flea n tick mist; hoping will work
—Guest fee thats me

They're ruining my life

Im 19 years old and i moved into my first house! Brand new furniture im still paying for and everything. and the place was infested with bed bugs. Ive tried everything to get rid of them. They attack my 18 month old daughter in the middle of the night and refuse to let her sleep. I've tried leaving them in unbelievebly hot temperatures, bug poison , spray, and every remedy i can find online. i dont know what else to do!!!
—Guest Kara

Worked for us!

I ordered some spray & fossil shell dust from a company in Buford Ga called Trask Research. I sprayed all over the room, washed clothes, blankets & pillows that we didn't want to throw away, put them in 2 trash bags w/the fossil shell dust & put them in the attic for a year, (more precautionary then necessity). I sprayed the room 3 separate times, (again, precautionary), as well as the mattress more times than I can remember. But the way that they caught us by surprise was by migrating from the mattress to our leather head board!! So I sprayed it, (and it did NOT stain the leather, which was a concern for us because it was only a year old & VERY expensive), put the fossil shell dust on it & wrapped it very well in saran wrap to attempt to suffocate them. It worked! A lot of work, but well worth it!!! The product from Trask wasn't too expensive either....but again, worth every penny!!! We have no idea how we got them but we never had them again.
—Guest Tiffany

too young

i am 16 yrs old, nd i havent told a realative that i have moved in wit that beddugs are eveywhere, and i am really scared.... I need advice
—Guest lilke

Killing bedbugs

You're better off to not have a bed with lots of wood and cracks and corners, but a mattress setting on trunks. If the mattress is badly infested, i'd get rid of it, or get used to sleeping on a mattress sealed in plastic. You can get one of those cloth steamers to get them out of hiding, and use tiolet paper to round them up and flush them down the tiolet. They like to hang close, they will come back, so check the seams of your mattress every week, and when U see them, scoop them with tiolet paper and flush, repeat until clear. Make sure you look close, the newborns will be small. It almost seems like one that escapes can run off and clone himself. You just have to keep their numbers down and U should sleep fine. Just remember, check once a week, everyday would be better..
—Guest Danny


First thing is to make sure you open up all enclosed doors, packages, boxes, drawers, cupboards etc.. so that air will flow into these places. Bedbugs will not live in an environment that is above 140 degrees fahrenheit for 2 hours. An exterminator who has the correct experience here is recommended. What they will do is shut all your exterior doors and heat the rooms with special blower heaters and keep the temperature high > 140 for the two hours. Then all the bugs will be dead. This is harder than it sounds cause the heat must penetrate into everything.. BUT IT WORKS IF DONE PROPPERLY and is chemical free...
—Guest mrhyperbolic

Don't Worry

Tea tree oil and or 90% Isopropal Alcohal. They will be dead dead dead! SPRAY YOUR MATTRESS...the alcohal will evaporate after it kills them dead. Then vacuum.
—Guest Cindi

my house is INFESTED!!

i'm 17 years old and i've tried every kind of spray ; (cinnamon oil natural bed bug killer) (hot shot for bed bugs) i've washed my things in hot water and put them outside.. i cannot find relief for this problem. they are eating me alive. my father paid hundreds of dollars got rid of them for a month and they came back! they only seem to bother me and my grandmother.. i mean we have a HUGE problem with them though. not only do they feast on me at night, but they come out during broad day light on my couches etc! we don't have the money to hire another exterminator or buy expensive products that are only temporary relief. from what i've read, i can't just up and leave with none of my stuff because they'll just follow somehow. i'm begging someone to please help.. i can't take it anymore!! my guest name is my email.. anyone who has had a severe problem like me and got rid of them.. TELL ME YOUR SECRET. i'm desperate ;[
—Guest xiitsceebabii@aol.com

I have a SURE method!

There are 3 sure methods-make sure that you vacuum everything including furniture (I did this twice a day), wash your clothes in very hot water (I placed my dirty clothes in plastic bags and tied a knot in them and washed them almost daily and close hanging in the closet draped in plastic and tie @ the bottom. Finally wash everything down, vacuum your drawers, seal any loose base boards and secure any loose carpet with double sided carpet tape and then get ready! I used 91% alcohol OR Home Defense Bug Spray and it KILLED THEM DEAD! (I collected a couple of live ones and placed them into a zip lock bag and sprayed a little of either in the bag to make sure it worked-not at the same time. Either one will work, the Home Defense is cheaper and doesn't smell as strong as the alcohol. I also STEAMED any small area I couldn't reach and I did this a minimum of 3 days a week and a maximum of 6 days a week. I have done this ritual for 2 months and so far-aint no bugs on me. Good luck.
—Guest Buga Boo Buga Bye 68

Murder these bugs and do sweet revenge!

Begbugs are really hard to get rid of.They trick you sometimes and make you think that they are gone.You waste your time trying to spray everywhere and doing your possible best to make them go.But then they come back once more invading your room and acting like they own it. Well the closet solution of begbugs is that you could clear everything out your room, spray everywhere with alchol, bleach,begbug spray,vacum everywhere.Make sure you move from your room for like 4 hours. you should also wash all your clothes.shake all your clothes if you don't wash it. Wash all your bed sheets and dry it on high temperature. Well the best time to spray your room is in the night because thats the time they mostly come. You should also make sure you spray under all the seams, corner, heaters, ceilings, windows, any place you think they will hide. well overall at lease you tried to get rid of them but they will still come somehow and someway.

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