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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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raid/n disinfect

i recently just ercived bed bugs and boy are they bossy, i didnt know what to do, and had no money to buy help so i used what i had. Some raid pest controlle spray ans sprayed my whole bed, after that i spayed the matress with clorox disinfectant spray and bada boom bada bang bugs be gone...
—Guest tasty ta

como matar alas malditos bug

limpiando la cama con bleach y labar las colchas y ropa de uso con agua caliente, y siempre revisar la cama por las mananas.
—Guest duke09

Blitz Bed Bugs

The best way to kill bed bugs is using blitz bed bugs. This is the website b3blitz.com/
—Guest Philip Moseley


If you have a portable steam machine like the ones they advertise on television for cleaning. It can steam and heat up small places you wouldnt think to heat up. I did this and havent seen a bug since and no bites either. Not to mention I have been throwing all bedding the the dryer every day and putting it back on the beds while still hot. I also was spraying pesticide on the floors and base boards every morning before work. Its a lot of work but I think we are winning the fight in my home.
—Guest Al

bed bugs dont go away so easily

nothing works i have tried every thing nothing works please i need more help please give me more easier and better tips i need help i have tried everything please, please send me tips at mymakeup5@yahoo.com
—Guest zoha

Kill bed bugs

Bed bugs are great menace, everyone hates them. So you want to kill them right? Hot water technique is difficult to use since you can't put hot water everywhere without damaging the stuff. I have found out that these bugs can also be killed by sprinkling them with kerosene oil. The oil can be poured into the sprayer and then can be used almost everywhere since it is a volatile substance and will evaporate soon, killing the bugs instantly.
—Guest Faruqi

More bedbug murder advice

FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH will kill bedbugs without harming you or your pets. it's made of the exoskeletons of tiny sea creatures called diatoms, looks like flour. it works by wearing off the waxy coating that helps keep moisture in bedbugs bodies, they die of dehydration or exposure. just sprinkle it liberally around the areas infested or all over your mattress, then vacuum a few days later or encase your mattress in a certified mattress encasement, sleepclean makes good ones.when i travel or sleep anywhere but my bed, i bring this http://allersac.com best 50 bucks i ever spent

Hotel manager told us bed bug bully

We stayed at hotel in New York and unfortunately brought these bed bugs home with us. The hotel manager told us they used bed bug bully to kill bed bugs because they didn't have to leave the rooms after using it. So far it worked very well for us. But if you got a really bad epidemic, you may need to call in an exterminator.
—Guest Maurice

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil products kill bed bugs instantly. It's safe, non toxic, 100% organic. I always carry my spritzer size spray. US army gets it for his troops from cedar texas
—Guest Libelula

Be prepared to spend time

Most of your treatment is inspecting. Mark where you find them and then treat. Good luck

if you cant throw everthing out...

What seems to be working for me, for now is a process. Wash everything in the hottest temp possible! dry whatever you can on a high setting. Items that you cant wash or dry go over with a hair dryer on the hottest setting. Yes, a hair dryer will draw them out of couch seems, bed seams carpeting, where ever they are, the heat will draw them out. Once they come out spray them with rubbing alcohol...yup the best kept secret. Plain old rubbing alcohol stops them in their tracks literally...I've also wrapped my mattress and boxspring in plastic. 1.5 months bed bug free and counting...

call an exterminator

Call an exterminator! Having said that, do all of the following and you might buy yourself some peaceful nights sleep before the pest guy arrives. Wash all your bedding - all of it. dry on medium/high heat for at least 20 minutes after fabric is dry. Replace your mattress or thoroughly inspect and clean it under and along seams. Put mattress and box spring in plastic bed bug casings(order online) or thoroughly plastic wrap them with the stuff from u-haul store. spray a pesticide on all cracks and crevices on your bed frame where the bugs could hide. Then SLOWLY go over these areas with a hair dryer on high heat setting. The combo should kill both bugs and eggs. Be thorough. Put plastic containers filled with mineral oil at the bottom of all 4 bed posts. Clean up clutter under and around your bed, pull bed away from walls or other furniture, and do not let sheets touch the floor. vacuum floor. keep other items off the bed. call the exterminaotr. Good luck!
—Guest Shannon

how to kill bed bugs.

Yes keep everything vacumed and often! use a larg wet towel on suface of bed and a hot cothes Iron and creat hot steam along the edges surface of bed. steam will kill the eggs and kill the bedbugs. do this on your sofa too. I also ( after vacumeing the rug,) steam along the basebords of the walls with wet towel and iron. I don't make a lot of money so this is how it is going to be done till I do
—Guest Joe

get rid of bed bugd

They are impossible to get rid out of. Trust me; i have got them in my house and i cant get rid out of them. And after all of this, we left out home and went to another house. One bed bud in the house is big trouble and she can reproduce 5 bed bugs evey day.
—Guest Yuka

How tyo kill bugs

Never kills bugs by mashing them instead ..throw them in a bowl of water, this way they do not multiply
—Guest Euri


To kill bedbugs, douse everything in kerosene and then wash in hot water.
—Guest John

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