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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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Tha's is how I did it!

First at all, you have to understand how they attack you, for you odor...that's right, that mean if you can change the odor of your body you confuse then, every time you go to sleep spray in yourself mosquitoes repellent mixed with vaseline, no problem next day you take shower and pronto!, you are clean, that mean if they don't have source of food, they migrate or reproduce less until they vanished, other way is impossible. (Editor: Don't forget to read the article these comments are attached to -- odor's not the only attractor for bedbugs, so this is far from foolproof, but it's an interesting idea! I feel like I'd want to sleep on a rubber sheet were I coated in Vaseline, though!)
—Guest insane


We put our mattresses in the attic for a few days when the temperature was above 90 degrees outside. The heat killed all the bugs without the use of chemicals on sleeping surfaces. We then treated the carpets and room with insecticides. Another idea may be to rent or borrow a dark van or moving truck on a hot summer day.
—Guest Paulina

Turn Up the Heat

This method is primarily used for mattresses. If you live somewhere where it's hot and arid (little humidity), move the infected thing(s) outside and let the sun do the work. Leave your infected thing(s) outside from morning to night and wash them again before using. I've tried this and it works wonders. Don't forget to vacuum/clean the immediate area thoroughly. Alternatively, you can purchase a steam cleaner and kill them that way. The heat will kill the bugs and their eggs.
—Guest Anon

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

I have gone through much hell with bed bugs in the last year. First I purchased spray, professional sprayer, growth inhibitor from Ehrlich. This worked for a while, but as I have found bed bugs are persistent, horrible little suckers that don't like to completely leave. If you can get rid of them they can come back. Called a professional, $675 wow! Problem is for my 65-70% of a thousand bucks there is only a 30day guarantee. This isn't even my house. I have read much about food grade Diatomaceous Earth and am trying it. Some sites recommended mixing with water and another said that can make it not work. Perfectly safe for amimals and humans and 30$ with shipping for 10lb bag-big bag I am experimenting. Going to put the pure powder around the bed and I put a thin paste in the kitchen for the roaches since it is suppose to kill alot of bugs. I did notice some dead roaches in the bathroom where there is some thin paste that dried. Have read great things about DE. Try it!

It will be fine!

First of all, breathe! It will be fine. Now, as you read through this blazingingly to find something, you must be patient. First, clean everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Go through everything and rid of the junk. Now, if you still haven't found the main source, seek it out. You must find it. Rid of the main source. Next, bed bug bombs in EVERY room! After following the rules of the bombs, come in, wash all your clothes, blankets etc in HOT water and DRY them in the dryer. Put them away in inspected areas. Next, take a steamer and steam every open crack, joint, etc around the house. Wash the floors and spray anywhere you do not sit or sleep with bed bug sprays. Sit back, relax, but know---THEY ARE NOT GONE. You will need to repeat the clean up. Buy Cortizone Intensive lotion and jut be patient. They don't spread disease, only come out at night, and just want food. Once they finally seem to stop, keep everything clean and use preventitive care. You can do this!
—Guest Calm down

Cheap surefire kill on contact

Rubbing alcohol! Seriously, go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of the strongest rubbing alcohol. Put it in a spray bottle and douse everything . Then cover mattress with plastic cover. Kills them on contact. A secret the pros don't tell!!!!
—Guest Angela

Best way to kill Bed Bugs

I purchased a Vapamore Steam cleaner because someone had recommended it to kill bed bugs. It's really easy to use and I steamed my mattress and all the surrounding areas to make sure I got everything. I would highly recommend this machine as it's a sure way to kill those little suckers. Also, I've found that the machine is great for a bunch of other things like cleaning grout too.
—Guest Luc


Right now I am going through what can only be described as hell on earth!.We have bedbugs and their eggs on our sofas and matreses.I just spent a fortune at a pest control store on residual bedbug spray and powder .I spent 6 hrs yesterday treating all my baseboards with the powder, sprayed the bed boxsprings and sofa boxsprings with the spray, and put our matresses and boxsprings in covers which are meant to keep the bugs out!.Today i come home and find the little buggers still alive on the seams of my sofa, so I am using raid bug spray ( for bedbugs and other crawling insects) to kill them and then vacum them up when they are dry.I am also washing all linens and clothing in hot water and putting them in a hot dryer, then sealing all clean clothes in plastic until we use them.I have 3 kids and my 7 yr old daughter is having a very bad reaction to the bites, which on her are many.I think perseverance is key though so, im not giving up!!.
—Guest krissy 0

if you've got them

the best thing to do ia a hibachi grill and charcoal in a closed car to kill yourself with corbon monoxide. I had them 5 years ago in NYC... finally left my apartment and ALL contents behind - I mean EVERYTHING - clothes furniture, books computer,,, just walked out wiht nothing... GOt a new plce and had them again in 6 months... repeat... abandoned all the new furniture and possessions I had... moved again but nothing but me and the newly bought clothes on my back... 1 year later, I have them.... Bedbugs have cost me over 80,000 in the last year... and I still have them.. And yes, orkin and terminix and all the other "pros" have thousands and thousands of my dollars... so SHUT UP YOu cannot be rid of them. ABANDON ALL HOPE
—Guest andrea

How to Kill bed Bugs, Guaranted

The best way to kill bed Bugs is to use Gasolione ( petrol ), yes just spray your furniture with gazoline ( little) and wait for 24 hours, it will diey from the smill you can redo this every 2 days to kill the eggs. its 100% trusted way to kill the bed Bugs, Just becareful dont smoke or turn on any electrical device.
—Guest Omar

How to clean the house with bed bugs

I had a visitor from france and they stayed over that night after a few days i saw some big red patches in my skin they are so itchy and stressfull i tried some cream but it didnt work i didnt know where it comes from so then i saw a little insect on my arm so then i threw it on the floor and blood came out it was very discusting then everyday i found them in every corner but then when i cut open my matress i found a nest of bed bugs i took it and threw it outside so then i started to vacum everyday boil hot water and wash all the clothes scrub corners and then i went to holland a barret and i asked them for a citronella oil and tea tree oil i mixed three drops of each one and mixed them with water i put it in a spray bottle and sprayed as many as i can and i found them dead everywhere and less of them Now i can sleeep weelll!!!!
—Guest sarita

how to avoid bed bugs

make sure when traviling before you leave you dont have any of them so you dont make anyone else suffer with bed bugs and try not catch any bed bugs when traviling or on public transportations 'cause they can stick to the seats or they can just have left and consider you as a home (food & shelter)
—Guest person

Tried it all and....

Small Apt. In Brooklyn, Spent $300 in exterminater, they came back! THrew out all my stuff, and called exterminater again..the bugs again came back... today I painted my place- found 4 nests and they all tried runing out of the bedroom....that when i took my torch out and cooked some..heheh

Fire Them

gan118251@gmail.com: on idea is to go for pest control..... other wise buy some hit/mortien and spray it in the place where the bugs are with fire...(risky, but we did the same) light a matchstick, keep the nozzle of hit near the fire, aim the place where bedbugs are there and spray...
—Guest Ganesh Xing

Why aren't humans as resilient?

The first time i encountered bedbugs i threw out all my furniture. Bought a new bed and pillows and all that expensive crap again. Was bed bug free for 5 years, and then my sister brought them home with her from a Greyhound bus. They overtook the den and her room. Then i found one in my room. I dont wana get rid of all my stuff again so i searched for other methods. I have found that Pronto Bedbug and Dust Mite killer works well as long as you repeat the treatment again after 2 weeks. Also, launder everything in hot water and high heat dryers. Keep an eye out for them in seams of mattress and other furniture. They will be hiding in cracks and crevices. Find them and remove them. Dont leave dead bugs in an area as they still carry live eggs. Vacuum regularly and spray the furniture with either Pronto or 99% Alcohol. Keep up on this for at least month and you should be golden. But its good to check for them regularly as they have become rather common in the states.
—Guest Slide

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