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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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Nobody wants to have to know how to kill bedbugs, but you may be among those who've had to do the deed. How did you kill bedbugs for good if you were the unlucky host of these unwanted pests which love to follow you home from the hotel or hostel? Read our advice on how to kill bedbugs, and then add your own -- no need to (really) register or log in!


I woke up with a bed bug on my face one morning. I had never had a problem with bed bugs. I searched everywhere and found about twelve. I put them all in a pill bottle together, and they could climb up the smooth walls inside the bottle. I dumped some Lysol in the there, and they all died in a matter of seconds. Lol
—Guest Jake

This is ridiculous

to keep yourself from being bitten...spray yourself every night with perfume...they seem to HATE the smell..you don't have to use a lot. now as for your house...bag everything!! linen and the likes must be placed in the washer and dryer on the highest heat setting possible for as long as possible...or at least until you are sure anything living might be dead. hot shot bed bug and flea ( the one in the can) and pronto have worked best for me, diatomaceaous earth dries them out...you will need that as well....uncover outlets and light covers, find every crack and crevice and pump those suckers full of as much diatomaceous earth as you can....try spraying with the bed bug spray after you place the cover back on around the edges of the outlet...DON't Put any inside the outlet...might cause a fire of course...(use common sense) use diatomaceous earth on your carpeting and other fabrics...if you cannot launder right now. pour diatomaceous earth into the bags with your belongings and tie it
—Guest living in fear no more


place each bug on a woioden block. strike sharply with a heavy mallet. 100% kill rate!!
—Guest bugsy


I got rid (almost, new come in from outside as the building is infested itself) of my bedbugs using Diatomaceous Earth. It's a powder made of algae which punctures all kinds of bugs (bedbugs, also cockroaches and other) from within and then they dehydrate and die. It takes very long to see an effect, but at the end, applied properly, worked for me. You should also NOT do it if you have respiratory conditions such as asthma.
—Guest Ank

The Hard Facts

A so-called friend turned out to be a fiend in short order. His cluttered, cigarette -smoke permeated apartment is host to an unknown number of these vampires. I was in emotional distress and, having no one else to turn to, spent the night on his couch. Ouch. Within 48 hours my arms and neck were livid with bites. He did in fact tell me he had these critters but, hey, I have never been exposed to them. Therefore I had NO IDEA of the havoc they wreak. I came home and washed all the clothing I wore and also my fanny pack. I saw a small dead one in the tub, score one for my team. I happen to have a bad back a foresook regular beds ages ago. I sleep on a Itek air mattress. It is PVU, a type of heavy plastic. I have a gut level feeling that these parasites prefer cloth bedding and don't care much for PVU bedding. My bed can easily be hosed down and wiped and will dry quickly. Not everyone can or will like this type of bedding but it is disliked by bedbugs.
—Guest Bitten

From a pest control tech

Some info: bedbugs hitchhike (hook-like feet run fast, but cannot jump or fly), prefer to stay close to meal SO...contain bedbugs by limiting traffic through infested area: DO NOT LET PETS in area!!!! Worst infestations! Yes, bedbugs CAN take meal off pets, not just humans, and easily travel on pets! Bedbugs live up to six months without a bloodmeal AND get into anything! Testings have found more in boxsprings than mattresses! Cover BOTH with BEDBUG PROOF covers (have special zippers and seams -others waste your money).THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT! In my experience, those that do this have less reocurrances. Tubs with DUCT TAPED lids (100%seal-babies are clear and speck size!) for books, picture frames, everything! Label to open in 6 mo., and wait til then! Throw out what can't be sealed in this manner or wash/dry hot or heat treated if bedbugs are in area. Use white sheets to monitor bites (not everyone reacts, but all bleed!).
—Guest wanna help

Plastic doesn't always work

Plastic air mattresses don't always work. I sleep on one and found 3 bedbugs biting my legs one morning while watching a movie.
—Guest diana

Do not do this

Do not spray chemicals on your bed to try to get rid of them; just don't spend too.much on an extermanatior. Have a budget.
—Guest gabby

Here's Help

My fiance & I have been thru hell & back w/ those little bugs.We finally found a surefire way to get them under control. At first we actually belived those silly hotshot foggers & a few gallons of the hotshot perimeter spray would do the trick.Wrong only made it worse. After many sleepless nites of researching, I went to a feed store, like one you buy farm supplies and got concentrated Cypermetrin 25.6 % along w/ an IGR ( irregular growth regulator ) also in concentrated form we mixed tg e two together following packaging directions. There's also stuff called Permectrin 2 also in concentrate and mixed that in a separate bottle for fabrics that couldn't be dried & bedding, couches, etc. Hint if you use the permectrin along w/ deet product greatrresults
—Guest grneyedldy


Rubbing alcohol - put in spray bottle and do your floors, walls, everything. Kills them instantly.
—Guest Nini

Try Vicks

Rub your body with Vicks at night before bed, to prevent getting bitten. Buy bed bug covers for box frame and pillow. Spray and powder before covering with bed bug covers. Cover bed legs with petroleum jelly or Vaseline, use a fan at night to blow on u to blow away your Co2 and keep body temp down at night or bed time. Wash and dry all bedding at high heat and hot water. Good luck mattress and
—Guest joker


I have tried everything that I could at home: rubbing alcohol, steam cleaning, lavender essential oil. Vacuuming. I have 2 space heaters that we have run basically from the time we get up until we go to bed; I do this in addition to running the heat in the room and its gets to about 120-140 degrees in there. That seems to be working so far.
—Guest gabesmom0926

fan thats sad

So I've had these freaks for 2 years and I've tried bombs, steam, covers, fans , throwing everything out, poisons and sprays and an exterminator! And I still have them! Idk what to do. This is the only time ill let a friend who lost everything come to stay at my house.....
—Guest Ryan

bedbugs for four years!! part 5

thinking of spraying again tommorow and I over hear the neighbors speaking to the owner. They were furious when he said it MIGHT be until next week before he can do anything! I feel so awfull for them. This section has four apts. I'm the last one, my neighbors on the left are the ones angry, I'm pretty sure by this time their neighbors have started to see them and wouldn't be surprised if even the last neighbors have started getting bit. I don't know what else to do. I thin the only way for sure is to have all of us evacuate the apts. And bring in the heat. I am sure that is the ONLY way we can all get rid of them for sure! =(
—Guest indominal

bedbugs for four years!! part 4

(2010) called pro's again charge me 2000 for three treatments git those suckers, or did I? This was at my mothers house, we left at the end of 2010 and moved to an apartment. Mom never saw another bb at her home but sooner than later I was getting bit. I was not working and my husband couldn't receive disability yet, so I tried everything I could. Cleaning, washing and drying, spraying, fogging every month. Told the apt owner he might have problems with bb's in the apts next to us, he didn't care. Have been living here since then fighting them every day, thinking of spraying again tommorow and I over hear the neighbors speaking
—Guest indominal

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