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Readers Respond: Got a Surefire Method to Murder Bedbugs?

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Nobody wants to have to know how to kill bedbugs, but you may be among those who've had to do the deed. How did you kill bedbugs for good if you were the unlucky host of these unwanted pests which love to follow you home from the hotel or hostel? Read our advice on how to kill bedbugs, and then add your own -- no need to (really) register or log in!

what bedbugs can do....

Bedbugs do climb in the tub.. they DO live in kitchens and bathrooms.. They also climb metal.. they live in walls not just furniture.. they can climb in the air bed with you..they get in electronics and other things...don't believe what they can't do because its not true..Alcohol does not repel bedbugs.. they kill them sometimes with direct contact..slippery surfaces WILL NOT i repeat WILL NOT STOP them...
—Guest mary

stop getting bit

Now this does not kill bedbugs but i do have a sure fire way 2 stop getting bit: get rid of your bed and buy an air mattress. for some reason the bugs cant seem to get up the sides of an air mattress. been battling these demons for a year playing hell getting rid of them but haven't been bit sleeping since we got the air mattress
—Guest guest 420

kill the bugs

I found those little critters in my couch last night and i grabbed the first thing i could find, lysol. Yeah didn't really think about it to much when i sprayed but woke up this morning and the little things were dead. So i sprayed the whole couch and now sit and see if it kills them all.
—Guest tina

who would've thought!

I discovered purely by accident how to kill bed bugs. One day while cleaning my bathroom with a degreaser i purchased from a dollar store. It comes in a gal jug & it works in exterminating bed bugs. Any while I cleaned the tub I spotted a bed bug that came in contact with the degreaser & it flipped over on it's back & died. The product is name Mean Green it's cost about $5 ,disregard bottom half of not, it wouldn't allow me to continue my notes. Seriously it works. purchased from a dollar store.( named Mean Green Degreaser)
—Guest Webb Evans

Amazing diffuser !

I found a diffuser called bugator on the net, it's really amazing ! It's a liquid solution, based on essential oils, packed in a polyéthylène pouch, protected by a leminated pouch. Easy to use : one cut 2 angles of leminated pouch and put it under bed, level of floor. An imperceptible pleasant perfume goes out through polyéthylène pouch and fills the treated room (20m2). The diffusion lasts 30 days. After 24 hours no more bites ! In a few days, bed bugs are killed. Nymphs are killed as soon as they hatch, or in a few days. After 30 days, I got rid of bed bugs.
—Guest croco114

Surefire methods?

I doubt anything legal or frugal is surefire. I've used alcohol, diatomaceous earth and a couple of sprays intended specifically for bedbugs (from hardware store). An exterminator used his spray (first week) and silica dust (a week later) containing an insecticide (probably Drione Dust - not sure). I also put all clothing and cloth items thru a full high-heat dryer cycle and vacuumed most everything. I seem to be bug free but you never know. I have a question, however, the dry ice / carbon-dioxide thing sounds good, especially for electronics. If that does suffocate them, then would putting smallish/heat-sensitive articles in a vacuum (a la FoodSaver) do the job? Also, would surrounding a cage with diatomaceous earth or silica dust and putting an animal in the cage cause the bugs to tramp thru the dust and die? Careful about the dusts. Don't breath them in. Silica, I've read, causes silicosis - a serious lung disease. The dusts used for bugs may not or levels are too low to worry.
—Guest Joe

U-Haul Caution

I believe I got the bedbugs from the u haul I used to move. Be cautious and spray any vehicle you're using to move, with alcohol or bed bug killer before moving and prevent more bedbugs from setting up housekeeping in your bed.
—Guest bitten too

get the itch

one way to stop the itching is to heat the bites with a hairdryer- DON'T burn yourself! but the heat will give relief! DE is the killer- but you have to endure the waiting time between them emerging and wading through it and their drying out. You will have to put up with them through a cycle of hatching before you are rid of them.
—Guest riddly

how i do it

i cover my self completely from ankles up and use my feet as bait so they won't go near my face.
—Guest hi

executive houskeeper

Dear sir For your information I have most of the room in our hotels with Activity insect bugs and I try everything but till now still we haven and don’t know what I have to do please advise me by your personal way Thanks and best regards
—Guest hossamhamzawi

executive houskeeper

after you've seen your last bedbug. I've noticed lots of people mention they had waterbeds and got them. I think that is because the frames have more hidey holes than regular bed frames. PUT FLY PAPER on the legs of your bed. Keep the alcohol spray bottle next to your bed. The diatemaceous earth really works - I use a cheap feather duster and twirl it in the bag, then lightly spread the dust on walls, in dressers, on pictures, between the sheets and mattress cover, on headboard, books, floors, windowsills, baseboards...you get the picture. Oh, dust all of your suitcases, too. We threw away our bed frame - it was chock full of bedbugs. Also, dust every room in the house except kitchen.
—Guest hossamhamzawi

Killing of bedbugs

My wife lives in an apartment and her whole building is infested evan though they've had pro exterminators come through three times now . I was not prepared for what I've found when I arrived here to help her battle the bed bugs . They are coming from the walls and I've been using silicone on every crack and seam in her apt . Also expanding spray foam around all the plumbing and electrical outlets . This includes light switches and ceiling fixtures , any meens for them to get in and out of the walls . Around door frames , baseboards window frames with silicone . This takes time and a considerable amount of money in materials but the end result should be nowhere for them to hide . Also using Elmer's wood glue to seal all cracks in wooden furniture . Vegetable oil on fingers when applying the silicone has resulted in bugs being caught in the residue left over . When the apt. Is seale Plan to bomb. Hope this helps .
—Guest Jony2cool

Bed bugs are intelligent?

I had a brother that had an apartment in my home. He was a hoarder. By the time I realized what that bug my cat took off her body actually was, my home was severely infested. I've been chipping away at it slowly. Steamers, spray, vacuuming, bombs(bed bugs and roach), tape around bed post, get rid of furniture. I still see them in my home. I've summed it up, we are in hell and they are satan's helpers.
—Guest Brother was a hoarder


Spray lavender room spray and steam roll the bedsheet followed by hint of pure lavender oil off 3 lavender branches. Heat up bedsheet to eliminate all bugs!!!
—Guest eliminator

Temp Removal

Douse these Little things in rubbing alcohol. Fingernail polish remover will only stun them. That's the easiest thing To TEMPORARILY cease them.
—Guest bedbugking

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